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RNARS Certificates of Merit

Nr. Recipient Call/SWL/ Member/Non-member Citation
83. Bill Mahoney G3TZM For his dedication and endeavours on behalf of the RNARS over many years, especially when at the DTI, and in organising the RNARS stand at the RSGB exhibition. 
84. Colin Whale VK4CU For his hard work in undertaking restoration work in the W/T office of HMAS DIAMANTINA and in activating the.special callsign VK4RAN. 
85. Portsmouth Model Boat Club    For attending all RNARS Mobile Rallies since 1965 and providing enormous pleasure to all our visitors on these occasions.  
86. John Green G4VUG For all his hard work resulting in the successful launching of the RNARS Local Area Representative scheme.
87. CPO(SA) Bob Garwood    For his support of the RNARS and assistance with the organisation of the society's social events in HMS MERCURY during his term of office as Mess Manager of the WO & SR Mess. 
      14 October 1989
88. Phil Manning G1LKJ Who through his unbounded support of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society and particular the London (HMS BELFAST) group; and during his country-wide travels, has done so much to publicise the society. 
89. George Burgess VK5CGB For his work in founding the South Australian branch of the Society and acting as Net Control Station of the Australian SSB Net. 
90. Leslie Richmond Lt (SD)(C), RN    For his hard work in support of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society as the Ex Officio member on the Committee during the period 1987 to 1989. 
91. Frank Green VE4FA For his work as Net Controller for the RNARS Canadian CW Net and as Assistant Controller of the Canadian SSB Net. 
92. Bob Harper VE4PZ For his work as an Assistant Controller of the Canadian SSB Net.  
93. Gordon Black ZB2J For his dedicated work in establishing and maintaining the GIBRALTAR RNARS SSE Net over many years. 
94. Derek Costello G4UKJ For his dedication, hard work and enthusiasm in the running of the RNARS Central QSL bureau. 
95. Cliff Harper G4UJR Who through hard work, diligence and exceptional organisation has ensured that the annual MERCURY Mobile Rally is the premier event of its kind on the UK Amateur Radio scene. 
      13 October 1990
96. Ron New G2PEX For consistent efforts, against immeasurable difficulties, in producing the Short Wave Listener section of the society's newsletter. 
97. Alan Keyworth G4MWL For his continuing contribution to the close relationship between the society and the Sea Cadet Corps. 
98. George Rolton ZL4HB For his consistent presence on the RNARS CW Nets - notably on the WARC bands - over a long period. 
99. Norman Chilverton G4SFO For his consistent work in controlling the weekly 80 metre SSB Nets. 
100. Adam Graham-Kerr G7FTJ In recognition of his consistent interest and assistance at various society funcions -including HMS BELFAST week and the Mobile Rallies. 
101. Scotty Bryson VE7FKK For his continuous support of the Society and acting as the West Canadian Controller of the Society's Trans-Canada Nets. 
102. Dave Hind G3VNG For his involvement in the establishment and activation of the Amateur Radio Station (GB3GUZ) onboard HMS PLYMOUTH during 1989/1990. 
103. Bill Welsh W6BDB In recognition of his many years of work in the field of amateur radio - especially his encouragement to newcomers to the hobby. 
104. Diane Cardell ZS6DC For her consistent and cheerful attendance on the weekly RNARS DX SSB Nets and her support of the society over many,years. 
105. Brian Body G8JML For his work in coordinating the society's participation in the RNAS CULDROSE Air Day. Also for the establishment and control of the society's weekly South-Western VHF Net. 
106. Bob Jennings G3NXV For his continuing efforts in the field of amateur radio journalism as Editor of the Society's Newsletter. 
107. Ray Buddle G4UOX For the hard work, enthusiasm and professionalism put into the post of the society's Commodities Manager over the past three years. 
108. Gerry Aubert VK2CGA For his hard work in setting up the NSW South Wales group of the RNARS and establishing its Headquarters on Snapper Island. Also in recognition of the hospitality shown to members visiting during the Australian Bi-Centennial Year - 1988. 
109. Doreen Puttick G1YDW For her sterling work as Treasurer of the Society from 1987 to 1990. 

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