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RNARS Certificates of Merit

Nr. Recipient Call/SWL/ Member/Non-member Citation
53. Mark Dancey G4UVP For his tireless assistance and hard work before and during the Silver Jubilee Mobile Rally at HMS MERCURY. 
54. Derek Barry G4WWP For his exemplary work resulting in significant improvements to the RNARS station onboard HMS BELFAST. 
55. Dave Horder G4RBW For his work on the production and distribution of the society's Silver Jubilee QSL card.
56. Frank Woodward VE1CFL For his outstandingorganisation, and the running of the 1985 North American RNARS Hamfest, under very difficult conditions. 
57. Bev Woodward XYL of VE1CFL For her tireless assistance to O.M.(VElCFL) and her provision of facilities to ensure the success of the 1985 North American Hamfest. 
58. Derek Gardiner G4UJQ For the continuous coordination of the Silver Jubilee special event stations programme during 1958. 
59. Not issued    
60. Ron Churcher G4CFU For his work in establishing and managing the society's commodities. 
61. "Doc" Foster   All the artistic work involved in producing the cartoons for the cover of the RNARS Newsletter since 1979. 
      11 October 1986
62. John Andres    
63. Bill Trezise VK5RA For his tireless work in running the Australian 80 metre S.S.BNet 1982-1986. 
64 Reg Smith G3KP For his many years of operating from, and in support of, HMS BELFAST and the London group of the RNARS. 
65. Bernard Reddington G3JWY For his consistent efforts as Net Controller of the "Bubbly Rats" Nets. 
66. Jack Brazzill G3WP For his consistent efforts as Net Controller of the Sunday morning CW Nets. 
67. Dick McGarry W4CXH For his work over many years in support of RNARS affairs in the USA. 
68. Len Borley G4LIK For his tireless efforts over the years in support of the RNARS and as instigator and Net Controller of the "Southern Bees" V.H.F. Net. 
      29 July 1987
69. 69. G Alexander Lt. Cdr, R.N.    For outstanding support wise counsel, and administrative assistance during his period of service as Ex Officio member of the society's committee 1986 -1987. 
      10 October 1987
70. John Pacey G4TZJ For services to the London group, in maintaining equipment and carrying out electrical improvements on HMS BELFAST. 
71. Wally Walker G4DIU For his efforts and hard work as the Mobile Rally Organiser over 8 years. 
72. Ian Coombe VE2DOH For his consistent work in the maintenance, control and operation of the RNARS Canadian SSB Net. 
73. Ray Hackett ZS6BIG For his consistent work in the maintenance, control and operation of the RNARS DX SSB Nets. 
74. Stan Ellis GD3LSF For his consistent work in the maintenance, control and operation of the RNARS (IOM) Dx Nets. 
75. Frank Walsh VK3BPV For his services to the Australian branch of RNARS and the society in general. 
30 March 1988
76. Eric Godsmark G5CO For services to amateur radio and the RNARS in particular with regard to the esstablishment of the special call - GB2RN - for the RNARS Flagship HMS BELFAST 
77. Captain F D Lowe RN    For his support and encouragement to the Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society, and its London Group (HMS BELFAST), during his presidency 1985 1988. 
78. Cdr Ron Fisher RN   For his support of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society and in particular the London (HMS BELFAST) Group since he became the Shipkeeper. 
79. Roland Beardow VE3AML In recognition of the many years dedicated to Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society affairs in Canada, especially as Net Controller of the Canadian RNARS Nets and Editor of the "VE RNARS Bulletin". 
80. Ed Dennett G0EDM For his hard work and enthusiasm in supporting the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society especially during the Annual Mobile Rallies at HMS MERCURY. 
81. Buster Brown OZ1XRN For his unfailing presence and support of the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society DX Net's over many years. 
82. Graham Mullender G4NAO For his services on the Committee as Shack Manager and Commodities Manager 1983 - 1987.  

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