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RNARS Certificates of Merit

Nr. Recipient Call/SWL/ Member/Non-member Citation
1. Malcolm Melhuish SWL Member For regular assistance at Navy Days and voluntary working on maintaining RNARS equipment.
2. Charles Rose Master Rigger For support to the RNARS over a number of years at Navy Days.
3. Lt Cdr Duncan Graham DSM Barrackmaster For long and continued support of the RNARS during the period 1961 to 1976 including the period of resiting the HQ station.
4. W J Winkless Non Member For undertaking the duties of Treasurer and Ex Officio member 1975 to 1976.
5. C Bassett G3ZAM non-member For support of the RNARS and voluntary work in maintaining the HQ equipment.
6. DG Hotchkiss G4BEQ For undertaking the duties of Vice Chairman and Chairman during the period 1973 to 1977.
      22 October 1977
7. JM Nicholl Non-member For undertaking the post of Hon Treasurer and ex Officio committee member from 8 June 1976 to 30 April 1988.
8. Capt JM Tait RN President As President of the society and for his unfailing work to advance the aims of the society and in particular his efforts on behalf of the HMS BELFAST group.
9. FD Cawley G2GM Member(life) For his lifelong support of the RNARS and his work as Hampshire County Award Manager.
10. RG Clark G6BJ  Member(life) For his unfailing support of the society as a Life Member and his work on behalf of the HMS BELFAST group.
11. MH Bee Non-member For undertaking the post of Hon. Secretary and Ex Officio member from 1st May 1978 to 31 December 1978.
12. TR Clark VK2ALG For the organisation and running of the Australian Branch of the RNARS and in particular his vigorous recruiting campaign of 1978/79.
13. A Holmes G4CRW For his work in establishing and maintaining the computerised RNARS callbook.
14. Lt J Bycroft RN   For his valuable work as Honorary Treasurer and Ex Officio member of the 1978/79 committee.
15. T Biddlecombe G3WAO For his diligent work whilst holding the posts of Chairman and Newsletter editor 1976-1979.
16. RNAS Yeovilton Historic Flight - In appreciation of the fly past by the SWORDFISH of the Historic Flight on 15 June 1980 at HMS MERCURY on the occasion of the RNARS Annual Mobile Rally.
17. Ron New SWL In appreciation of his valuable work as the Society's SWL Manager.
18. Dave & Linda Dabinett G4DEP In appreciation of their efforts in ensuring the timely despatch of the RNARS newsletters.
19. P Hackett G3WCJ For his unstinting support of the RNARS over many years and his work on the committee.
20. John Hughes G4KGT For his work in the design, production and administration of the RNARS 21st Anniversary postal cover.
21. Tom McCrimond G4LQM For his work on the design, production and administration of the RNARS Anniversary Award.
22. Bill Cridland WA1HMW For his work on establishing and running the RNARS North American SSB nets.

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