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RNARS Awards 2016

Merit (G3WNJ) Award Nigel M0NAF
Certificates of Merit Dave Williams G8PUO
  Simon Tribe G0IEY
  David G6ORL
Robert Sharpe (G3AWY) Award Doug G0LDJ

Relaunch of UK MM Net

Following received from 2E0NWE 7 August 2016

Dear friends,
You have expressed an interest in the re-founding of the UK /MM Net (14.303MHz). Martin (our Webmaster) is working on the website and we have incorporated comments from several of you (we are now 6 volunteers). We hope to launch it soon.
I'd like to include something about you if you are willing to associate your name and call-sign with the Net. If not, that's okay too. My main aim is to encourage the use of HAM radio in the UK martime community and the more of us that can build activity on 14.303 at 0800 and 1800 UTC the better.
For the newsletter, whilst I would not wish to be too prescriptive, I'd suggest that you let me know some [required if you wish to be credited] of the following:
Name (and call sign) and form of address [required]. E.g. Owen (2E0NWE)
UK /MM Role [optional]. E.g. Re-founder* and Net Controller**, Webmaster, Newsletter Editor***
Amateur Radio Club(s)
Vessel Name
Sailing club or related affiliation
Station details and Ham interests
Other personal information
"Member news" item or newsletter piece
*I would like to offer the six of us the honorary title of UK /MM Net Re-founder. The only thing that I would ask in return is support of the Net either by getting on the air on 14.303 or making an administrative contribution. I would wish to credit this on the web page and Wikipedia page.
**Please let me know if you would like to operate as a volunteer Net Controller. Initially this will be an ad hoc role, self-organised. Eventually, I would envisage timetabling this with time/day slots against which Net controllers can volunteer for standing slots. I would wish to credit this on the web page.
***After the first newsletter (which I aim to email and post on the website), which I'll write to get things going, I'd like to offer this role to another volunteer. I suggest that we place the newsletter in a members' area on jthe web site and use QRZ.com (and similar references) to verify applicants' suitability for access. (In practice I have done this for the most part so far by referencing QRZ.com as the way to contact me). I'd be grateul for any thoughts.
In the newsletter, I plan to pen a few words to cover the following topics:
The team of volunteers
Vision and plan for the Net
Web site and contact details
Disclaimer/terms of use for Net participants (Martin and I have drafted something in response to Dave A's questions) Reference to our nominated charity RNLI. (I will just ask anyone who wishes to show any financial support to us to make a donation to the RNLI. We can review this if we find that we need any money to run the Net). I would not plan to administer any charitable activity or money.
Please let me know if you have any ideas to add or wish to make a specific contribution. Perhaps someone has a story about the original UK MM Net that we can add?
Finally, many thanks again for your interest and for getting on the air and helping re-found the Net.
Kind regards and 73,

Surplus items for disposal

The following items from the HQ Shack inventory have been deemed surplus to requirements and are being offered for sale to members prior to disposal on auction sites or at rallies.  They will be available for viewing at the AGM. Questions about individual items should be addressed to the Shack Manager Nigel M0NAF.

Click HERE for a list of the items with photographs.

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