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Special Notices

(Some special notices are in the Members Only section)

New Tuesday HQ Net

We have started a Tuesday HQ Net when local members and visiting serving members are usually in the HQ Shack.
Although we usually turn on Skype it seemed silly not to have a net on HF.
Primary frequency will be the RNARS frequency of 7068, secondary 3748  but if band conditions are not favourable we will move elsewhere and let members know as described below.
GB3RN will be net controller.
Mode SSB phone.
Start time 16.00 although some HQ members may be on earlier.
Details of the frequencies used and propagation predictions will be posted through Twitter @RNARSHQ and displayed on the RNARS website home page.
Keep a listen out for GB3RN.

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Information about QSL cards from 7Q7BP (SK)

7Q7BP / 7Q7FOC / C91MR / C93MR / C96MR / C97MR / 5X1P / 9Q5MRC / 9U5MRC / G3MRC / VK8CP AND Z38/G3MRC
Received from Phil G3SWH

RNARS member Joe, G3MRC became a silent key in early May 2017 and I am pleased to announce that I have obtained from Joe's widow copies of the logs and a quantity of blank cards for each of the above callsigns.
The logs had all been previously uploaded to LoTW by Joe but have now also been uploaded to www.g3swh.org.uk where there are log search facilities for each call.
Joe's RSGB membership lapsed at the time of his passing. Therefore, I am unable to process or respond to any bureau QSL requests whatsoever as the RSGB QSL bureau will not to forward outgoing cards for non members. Consequently, paper QSLs for this station are *ONLY* available DIRECT with adequate return or via the OQRS facility at www.g3swh.org.uk.
Phil Whitchurch

RNARS Awards 2017

Merit (G3WNJ) Award Adrian 2E0JVM
Certificates of Merit Joe Skittlethorpe M6VLL
  Alan Campbell M6LFM
  Jurgen HB9ANE
Robert Sharpe (G3AWY) Award Doug G4BEQ

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