24 November 2017
Looking for volunteers for Aerial Morning on 10 Dec - names to G3ZDF
Using Amazon's Alexa as a shack companion
DX News from ARRL
HMS Diamond limps home with dodgy prop
First Sea Lord warns that Russian incursions into UK waters is the new norm
New page with website T&Cs
Current band conditions from 160m to 15m
USN prepares for maritime patrol & surveillance by autonomous drone

21 November 2017
Just a reminder that Committee Minutes are available on Members' Reports pages
Seven mysterious signals from missing Argentinian sub
Farnham WebSDR changes its address
TX Factor at HamFest & New Broadcasting House
Foundations of Amateur Radio - How does a TCXO work?
9k6 packet radio plug-in for Raspberry Pi
DX News from ARRL
'Cannabalisation' of RN ships
HMS QE due back in Pompey today
RN Sailors to guard the Queen
HMS Protector deployed to help in search for missing sub
New CO for HMS Collingwood

13 November 2017
Chairman's Summary of the recent investigation on the Members' Reports page
We are looking for a volunteer to take over as Editor of the Society's Newsletter.  Names to G3ZDF please
Nelson's scars

7 November 2017
Minutes of the last 2 Committee Meetings on the Members' Reports page, usual password

6 November 2017
New digital modes changing the complexion of the bands
DX News from ARRL
VDSL pollution - RSGB Convention video
New IOTA website live
British 'zapper' destroys 500 ISIS drones
How Soviet Akula class sub changed submarine warfare
JOTA now have their own J-codes
Getting started with amateur radio satellites
Re-inventing electronic warfare
The state of digital voice - video presentation
Grave of wartime L/Tel submariner identified in Italy
Royal Marines mark 353rd anniversary

16 October 2017
Some photos of the AGM added to the PhotoAlbum page
DX News from ARRL
The real reason the USN keeps hitting merchant navy vessels
Foundation & Intermediate exams going online
Are Radio Amateurs a threatened species?
Building a replica of the original Sputnik transmitter
Next Advanced distance learning course starts in January
Full report into sinking of HMS Sheffield

5 October 2017
Tuning in a radio station is a dying art
60 years since Sputnik was launched
USN mixing manned and unmanned vessels to control the seas
Has the old Navy gone yet?

29 September 2017
AR88 offered FREE - Surplus page
Very successful inaugural Tuesday HQ Net - see @RNARSHQ on Twitter for details
Tropospheric ducting explained
DX News from ARRL
Android apps to practice CW
First demo of driverless 2-seater air taxi
New UK regs require tighter cyber security on ships
Free ATV magazine
New HMS Belfast - old one is now HMS Belfast (1938)

25 September 2017
Keep a listen out tomorrow for GB3RN at 1600A on the new Tuesday HQ Net on 7068 kHz
We'll put any changes of frequency on Twitter on our Home Page
USN deploys cyber security team to investigate ship collisions
Guide to the Hovercraft Museum
Young amateurs - the future of amateur radio

22 September 2017
Draft 2017 AGM Agenda now available in MembersReports
RSGB Affiliated Clubs Newsletter for October 2017 added to SpecialNotices
DX News from ARRL
Latest (free) RSGB RadcomPlus is now available
D-Star QSO party 2017 starts today and runs till Sunday
Get ready for another disruptive shift in naval warfare
Details of new Tuesday HQ Net on SpecialNotices page
D-Day landing craft will become 'new landmark' on Southsea seafront
Some photos from NavyFit 2017 added to PhotoAlbums

11 September 2017
DX News from ARRL
How the Radio Amateur Exam has changed in the last 15 years
Longest E-M-E QSO
HamRadio 2017 (Friedricshafen) lectures & papers available online

24 August 2017
Early call for items for AGM Agenda
Ofcom issues guidance for Amateur Radio licensees
Photos of Bob N4XAT operating multiple locations added to the Albums
New digital mode FT8 gets 750 miles with light bulb dipole
BBC World Service expands with new languages
USN to investigate whether their warships were hacked
Essex Ham guides for new radio amateurs
Photos of new RNARS banners outside the HQ Shack
Royal Marine Commandos swear by this £2.25 moisturiser (to repel midges)

20 August 2017
Friedrichshafen SDR Academy videos
US 'Global Persistent Surveillance'
Big balloon
New owner for Practical Wireless & Radio User
Ofcom has issued some 2 character contest calls erroneously
DX News from ARRL
Malta authorises 60m allocation
How a faulty door bell locked people in their cars
3 methods of TX'ing WSPR reviewed at QSO365
Nelson's chair from Victory on sale for £50K
10 US sailors missing as destroyer collides with tanker
First Sea Lord welcomes HMS QE to her home port
More photos of the arrival of HMS QE in Portsmouth
Video taken inside Ops Room of HMS QE
Broadband terminated dipole for ALE
How one Allied (RAF) techie changed the course of WW2

15 August 2017
HMS QE due in Portsmouth Wednesday at 07.10
Ryde webcam decommissioned - here's a live view of entrance to Portsmouth Harbour
Here's the view from Gosport
RSGB Affiliated Clubs September Newsletter in Special Notices
AmateurLogic.TV Ep. 107 looks at new digimode FT8, Scope Kits, Pi Zero & Tripods
BBC starts to switch off local medium wave AM transmitters

14 August 2016
HMS QE will arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday 16 August
Chopper makes first landing and take-off from HMS QE

12 August 2017
Android 20wpm Morse code trainer
Risk of cyber attacks prompts shipping to return to eLoran for navigation
DX News from ARRL
How to build an SWR/relative power meter (video)
Perseid meteor shower this weekend
HMS QE expected in Portsmouth on August 18
Watch the arrival of HMS QE from Ryde webcam
Drone touches down on flight deck of HMS QE

7 August 2017
FT-8 the new digital mode for HF & 6m
The mystery Russian station on 4625 kHz that no one claims to run
Free DKARS magazine is now available for download
Upgrade to Scotland's military bases approved
DX News from ARRL
Free SpaceUK magazine
Solar powered GoKit for amateur radio
Keep an eye on what's happening in the Solent with this webcam in Ryde
HMS QE on her way to Pompey
Range of items recovered from Portsmouth Harbour during dredging

31 July 2017
DX News from ARRL
YOTA 2017 Summer event
Gib's Windy Hill to be rebuilt
Black Tot Day today
Hans-Juergen's (DK9OS) visit to Friedrichshafen Radio Fair

24 July 2017
Our Patron received an honourary degree from Liverpool University
1st Sea Lord honours
History of CB radio
G5RV honour
HamRadioNow.TV - troubleshooting techniques
Ofcom - spectrum for powerline carrier systems
Investment of £500,000 in Hartlepool Museum of the Royal Navy
Some more Jack Speak

21 July 2017
Some recent Committee Minutes and Newsletters added to Members' Reports
Everything you wanted to know about the new Type 26 Frigates
First of new Type 26s will be named HMS Glasgow
DX News from ARRL

20 July 2017
TXFactor.TV ep. 17 goes digital - intro to DMR, Fusion & D-Star
Yaesu's new DR2 repeater
DXCC rules are about to change
Ofcom guidance on localised mobile communications onboard ships
New features on free World's Repeater Directory app
Ofcom amateur radio licence guidance incl. /M in the Solent
SMS text driven flashing lights in tests on US ships
UK's first drone testing hub for Portsmouth
Naval servicewomen at Greenwich for WRNS100 celebrations
New long range maritime patrol air squadron due in 2020

14 July 2017
Using a mobile phone without a battery
TX-factor looks at YOTA
DX News from ARRL
HMS QE bumps into RMS QE II
Ocean says bye bye to Makems
RN celebrates Pride in London

7 July 2017
 Radar-spoofing EW systems
Ofcom's approach to enforcement
Report warns RN of potential cyber attack on Trident systems
USN orders 3 more unmanned maritime patrol aircraft
Some more background on HMS QE class carriers
DX News from ARRL
Hong Kong amateurs celebrate with VR20 prefix
HamTests site to close
Free online Foundation course
Advanced distance learning course applications closing shortly
China launches new destroyer in class - claims most advanced warship in Asia
10 biggest aircraft carriers
Digital modes explored

28 June 2017
Some photos of launch of HMS Queen Elizabeth added to Photo Albuns
DX News from ARRL
Obituary of Joe 7Q7BP/G3MRC by Bill 'TZM
Some video guides to HMS Iron Duke
Timelapse video of HMS QE launch
Summary of proposed changes to the Foundation Syllabus
HMSQE launch

22 June 2017
Some information about QSLs from Joe Poole (SK) (7Q7BP/G3MRC ...)
Video interview with the developer of RTL-SDR dongle (that's the sub £20 wideband receiver)
IARUMS reports Iranian wideband radar back on 10m
Jamaican hams now have access to 5MHz
JOTA will be held on 20-22 October 2017
DX News from ARRL
Revised syllabus for Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced exams out for review
China's new submarine engine poised 'to revolutionise underwater warfare'
Advanced distance learning course filling up
Armed Forces Day 24 June 2017
Wrens on parade to mark 100th anniversary
HMS Ocean's electronic warfare experts honoured
New real-time propagation tool goes online

20 June 2017
Just a reminder that this year's AGM will be held in RNA Gosport
DX News from ARRL
Advanced distance learning course

8 June 2017
Some photos of Collingwood Open Day
Reports of HMS QE crew getting bored and quitting

4 June 2017
Thanks to everybody who contacted GB6COD yesterday
DX News from ARRL
Long Range Maritime Patrol now being carried out by drones
New Russian stealth aircraft T-50

24 May 2017
DX News from ARRL
New Bletchley Park Exhibition
Tim Peake KG5BVI & David Honess M6DNT inducted into CQ Hall of Fame
TX Factor Ep. 16 is now on the air

17 May 2017
Family of former member Roger G7NEG(SK) looking for good home for his gear (Northampton).  Contact Joe G3ZDF
First non-US built F-35B rolls off production line in Italy
DX News from ARRL
KH4 & KH7K back on DXCC list
Latest RSGB 5MHz Newsletter available for FREE download
EI0SIX beacon is back on the air
Boeing developing unmanned submersible mothership for deploying drones
Britannia Royal Naval College Open Day will be on 8 July
HMS Daring back in Portsmouth after 9-month deployment in the Gulf
HMS Daring back in Pompey May 2017

11 May 2017
GB5RAF will be active on HF and VHF from Carew Cheriton Control Tower as part of the Mil-Fest celebration on the 20th May 2017
Inverted Vee V Loop on 40m
Telegraph story about Morse code
Morsum Magnificat magazine now available for FREE download
IARUMS Newsletter now available for FREE download
Summer 1998 Newsletter added to the Library

8 May 2017
Piece of RNARS ephemera added to Miscellany page
HamRadioNow.TV 318 on Antenna testing & comparisons
DX News from ARRL
Memorial service to HMS Sheffield sailors who died in Falklands conflict
RN Museum struggles to raise funds to return last coastal motor boat to Gosport

3 May 2017
Very sad to announce that Brian ('Joe') G3MRC/7Q7BP Member 0033 is SK
Three new HF beacons in South Africa
Film about the dredging of Portsmouth Harbour in preparation for new carriers
Redundant section of Guzz Dockyard converted into Plymouth's biggest redevelopment

1 May 2017
New album added to Photo Albums page
More photos added to Belfast AGM photo album
DX News from ARRL
CQ DATV magazine available for free download
Another stage in the roll-out of HMS Audacious

27 April 2017
Welcome to new member Joe M0AXP
USN Zumwalt class of destroyers still developing

BAE to build next Astute-class sub
BATC Chairman wins award
SERF 2018 confirmed
Fire onboard HMS Dragon

24 April 2017
Note from Chairman concerning behaviour
USN looks for companies to develop optical comms between subs and aircraft
DX News from ARRL
Photo from Belfast AGM added to Photo Albums

19 April 2017
DX News from ARRL
AX prefix for ANZAC Day on April 25th
International Marconi Day on April 25th
Some photos of visit of DK9OS & DK9MOS TO HQ Shack
Morsum Magnificat (Morse magazines) now available for FREE download
Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual for HMS Alliance

12 April 2017
GB2CAV (HMS Cavalier) will be active on Easter Monday
GB1SCW (Shoreham Coast Watch) will be active 3-4 June 2017.  Details QRZ.COM
Ham Radio Horizons magazine archive
RF emissions from wind turbines paper
DX News from ARRL
New PSK software for blind amateurs
The 2016 ARRL DXCC Yearbook is available for viewing & downloading
Warship TV programme on Channel 4
PM criticised for axing 42 Commando

6 April 2017
Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain in Derby
Permanent DATV signals from ISS
Calls for Yomper statue to stay in Portsmouth
First of new RFA class enters UK for first time
New bands for US Amateurs
Def. Sec. Fallon won't rule out axing RM numbers

31 March 2017
Scott Polar Research Polar Museum in Cambridge wants to know if you remember listening to Sputnik in 1957
Ham College 27 - Safety in the Shack
Netherland amateurs get access to 5 MHz on 1st April
Happy 53rd birthday Radio Caroline
Beginner's Guide to Satellite Operating
DX News from ARRL
BBC makes 1920s Radio Times available online
US amateurs get access to new bands
Falkland veterans mark 35th anniversary in Portsmouth

27 March 2017
USB battery pack keep-alive load
Collingwood Open Day confirmed for 3rd June - we'll be looking for volunteers
DX news from ARRL

20 March 2017
Dean 2E1ILH (QTHR) is looking for a Mk 19 set
Welcome to new member Michael Mi5MTC
Installing & setting up remote control for IC-7300(video)
DX News from ARRL
This site is now hosted by Shine Systems
Final flypast for RN's Lynx helicopters
HMS QE jetties in Portsmouth officially named
Latest Navy News

16 March 2017
Recent Minutes incl. AGM added to the usual places
USN researching optical links between subs and aircraft, manned and unmanned
New version of Pocket Prefix for Android uploaded to Play Store
How to use the R820T dongle as an RF generator
RN's shortage of key personnel

15 March 2017
Get together for RNARS members on 24-3-17 at 19.30 in Hardy's in Haslar Marina
DX News from ARRL
RN's recruitment crisis

9 March 2017
St Patrick's Day 2017 on air
Ham College 26 (video) More about coax, SWR & dummy loads
40m rig in a walnut
MacLoggerDX V6.09 released
DX News from ARRL
10 watt uBITX HF SSB transceiver kit for $50
RSGB says Ofcom is not resolving interference problems
RSGB video blog launched
First of RN's new Offshore Patrol Vessels named HMS Forth
RNAS Culdrose Air Show cancelled because helicopters are needed on active service
Type 26 frigates fitted for US missiles for which RN has no budget

26 February 2017
New receive antenna socket for IC-7300
Winter 2017 edition of FREE ARRL publication Radio Waves now available for download
DX News from ARRL
RSGB looking for comments on implementation of 2015 Review of Contesting
CQ-DATV FREE ATV magazine available for download
Video on how to use digital modes with FLDIGI
RN commemorates centenary of women's service

20 February 2017
HamRadioNow.TV - All about SDR
New smart bullets being developed for USN ships
DX News from ARRL

15 February 2017
New photo added to Historical Photo Album.  Can you identify the Captain on the right?

14 February 2017
AmateurLogic.TV 101 Android RTL SDR, BitX40 & lots more
Senior Service looking for retired senior servicemen & servicewomen
EverythingHamRadio podcast - all about stealth antennas

11 February 2017
NOSIntro book now a free download
NATO's new communications system
Foundations of Amateur Radio podcast Ep. 88 - all about sun spots
DX News from ARRL
Eastney RM Museum to close in April
....And new RM Museum to open in Dockyard in 2020
TX Factor Ep. 14
All RN's attack subs 'out of action'

8 February 2017
DX news from ARRL
BITX-40 on the air
UK to buy 9 Boeing P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft
BATC introduces Portsdown digital ATV project
Receive slow scan TV pictures from space (ISS)

1 February 2017
Ofcom add 'verify your details' button to website
An unusual stealth aerial just a few feet above ground
HamCollege.TV episode 25 - coax, antennas and more
HMS QE arrival in Portsmouth to be delayed

30 January 2017
EBU gets ready for .radio domain launch
CQ-DATV 44 now available for free download
World Radio Day in SOAS London 10 February
Video review of January Radio User
Dx-News from ARRL

25 January 2017
Access Farnham Microwave WebSDR
Turn your PC into a LF/HF/VHF/UHF receiver with a cheap (£8) dongle
How to learn Morse - semi-consciously
Submarine Service new official tartan

23 January 2017
Tunable bandpass filters
Australia's future submarine fleet
RF pollution from Powerline Networking Devices
DX News from ARRL
Today's battle for the electromagnetic spectrum
New .radio Internet domain

18 January 2017
Foundations of Amateur Radio - Stealth aerials
What is a balun and how to make one cheaply
The Pentagon is broke
New carriers will be protected by helicopter surveillance system
5 Hytera DMR rigs compared

13 January 2017
Listen out for VP8CLE & VP8DKW from 15 Jan to 3 Feb. Details on QRZ.COM
DX News from ARRL
3D radar system for new carriers passes test

10 January 2017
Unusual aerials
German Callbook in PDF available for FREE download
Controlling a remote transceiver using a Raspberry Pi
Novel way of testing HF antennas

6 January 2017
New propagation prediction tool
Ofcom no longer issuing lists of available calls
No more GK prefixes from Cornwall
Making a frame aerial for medium & long waves
History of UK amateur radio callsigns
DX News from ARRL
How to install Powerpole connectors (video)
RN will invest £30M to test laser weapons on ships

2 January 2017
"Innovative thermal “paint” for RAF’s two new aircraft carriers" Headline on D. Tel website
DTel headline

1 January 2017
Ireland gets 5MHz
New synchronous coherent BPSK mode for VLF & low LF
9 special Wild Atlantic Way EI calls for 2017
DX News from ARRL
Foundations of Amateur Radio ep. 82
Welcome to new members Howard M0HJF, Ian M6FGP & Duncan MM0CMV

23 December 2016
DX News from ARRL
DKARS December 2016 Free magazine available for download
USN scraps plan to replace ratings' titles

21 December 2016
Twin feeder V Coax cable - which is best?
DX News from ARRL
How to read, draw and understand circuit diagrams
Realtime band conditions site
How many aerials do I need?
German amateurs get access to 5 MHz
Mistakes to avoid for newly licensed amateurs
WW1 cruiser HMS Caroline back at her moorings after restoration work

14 December 2016
Russia testing new undersea drones to spoof sonar
Ofcom releases UK Amateur Radio Licence statistics
Amateur Radio & the lack of D-Star repeaters
European Radio Amateurs' Organisation 'Weekend of PSK31' - Give it a try!
ICQPodcast - low cost Chinese stocking fillers
The Cubical Quad Aerial re-visited

10 December 2016
International Naval CW/SSB Contest 2016 today at 16.00

9 December 2016
Slow scan TV from ISS scheduled for today 9 December
HamRadioNow.TV ep. 284 - Hi-def digital ATV
DX News from ARRL
Santa Radio OF9X will be operational until 31 December
Winter 2016 Newsletter and Committee Minutes 10 Nov 2016 in the usual places

6 December 2916
New book on SDR for Amateur Radio enthusiasts
Switcher V Linear power supplies
HMS Sutherland shadows Russian destroyer through the Channel
HMS Illustrious prepares for her final journey

6 December 2916
New book on SDR for Amateur Radio enthusiasts
Switcher V Linear power supplies
HMS Sutherland shadows Russian destroyer through the Channel
HMS Illustrious prepares for her final journey

3 December 2016
CQ-DATV 42 now available for free download
MSF outage planned for 8 Dec 10.00 - 14.00
DX News from ARRL
Russian Army to get advanced stealth drone hunter
Battleship Iowa Amateur Radio Association will be active as NI6BB Dec 7
HMS Otus in its new home
Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women Remembrance Ceremony at Cenotaph
New facilities for HMS QE opened in Portsmouth Naval Base
Android smartphone with VHF or UHF TX/RX for £140

2 December 2016
Nigel Auckland M0NAF our Shack Manager SK.  Funeral arrangements HERE

25 November 2016
Congratulations to members Steve & Joe who are now M6WVV & M6VLL respectively
13% of HMS QE's crew are women-the highest ratio of any ship in the fleet
HMS Duncan breaks down in the Channel & has to be towed back into Devonport
MPs debate whether wearing 'fake' medals should be a crime
Kit building for the radio amateur - video

24 November 2016
DX News from ARRL

23 November 2016
HamRadioNow.TV - Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network
UK Foundation Exam training videos
7 things you might not know about Uckers
China plans lunar-orbiting amateur radio satellites
RN short of escort vessels - MPs state the bleeding obvious

21 November 2016
Latest edition of the 5 MHz Newsletter now available
MPs say not enough RN escort vessels

18 November 2016
RNARS CW Activity period starts tomorrow
Bell Helicopter developing new tilt-rotor unmanned aircraft
DX News from ARRL
Using magnets to detect submarines

17 November 2016
HamRadioNow.TV All about HF remote operating
Advanced design USS Zumwalt can't fire its guns because ammo is too expensive
Sunspot cycle plunges to lowest level in 5 years
Cost cutting leaves RN ships without missiles and only guns for defence and offence

15 November 2016
AmateurLogic.TV 97 - Android SDR and more
Annual Uckers championship this weekend in Dolphin
Discussion on the advantages(or not) of DStar and DMR
Poor condition of UK's defence establishments highlighted

14 November 2016
RNARS CW Activity this coming weekend
Enrol now for Advanced Exam Distance Learning Course
IARU Monitoring System Newsletter now available
Video on turning a Raspberry Pi into a 20m WSPR beacon
Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 2016
New OX beacon on 4m

11 November 2016
RN must send its F-35s to Italy & their engines to Turkey for maintenance
DX News from ARRL
China has developed high speed unmanned sea vessels for ASW work
Rosyth Naval Base to be closed by 2022

10 November 2016
Six things about HMS Sultan
The advantages of DStar and DMR
Martin M0EHL explains why he wears his poppy
Martin - poppy 2016

8 November 2016
Welcome to new member Ian 2E0DUE
Latest TXFactor.TV show released
Budget HF SDR 5W transceiver
HMS Sultan among defence establishments to close
First direct entry engineering PO's ready for sea
Full list of RN/RM base closures

4 November 2016
It was the kettle wot done it
Low cost SDR transceiver covering 100-2500MHz with 1 MHz bandwidth
USN activates first maritime patrol drone squadron
First Type 26 frigate will be laid down next summer
Submariners Remembrance Service & Parade next Sunday
Clyde shipyard confirmed for all Type 26 frigates

1 November 2016
Guide to using WebSDRs
HamRadioNow.tv Ep. 275 Guide to MARS (Military Auxiliary Radio Service)
Nearly 2,000 visit HMS Dragon in Liverpool

31 October 2016
Today is last day of 146 MHz NOV - renew now
New version of ROS data mode now available
HMS Jufair due to re-open in a few weeks

28 October 2016
CQ-DATV 41 free ATV magazine available for download
China cyber attackers hacked computers aboard US aircraft carrier
One washup of Exercise Unmanned Warrior
Videos of BATC 2016 Convention now available
ARRL's Radio Waves magazine for instructors and educators now available for free download
DX News from ARRL
Californian radio amateurs banned from operating mobile

26 October 2016
Space Station looking to Raspberry Pi to generate HamTV video
Canadians will be able to use special prefixes throughout 2017
Will Channel 5 give radio amateur a fair hearing?
Collingwood skipper toasts Admiral Collingwood in Tynemouth
Collingwood skipper

24 October 2016
OFCOM to allow amateur radio access to terrahertz bands
60m News
New $45 40m transceiver kit
BA pilots practise their submarine skills

21 October 2016
Review of Operation Unmanned Warrior (That's the drones one)
Program to send Morse tests
Electronic Notes website
DX News from ARRL
Trafalgar Day celebrations in Portsmouth
HMS Dreadnought name is back again

20 October 2016
Tomorrow 21st October is Trafalgar Day
RN tracks Russian Navy squadron through the Channel

17 October 2016
Selection of items for sale by 2E1ILH on ForSale page
Listen out Nov 1-9 for VI4SEA special call to commemorate HMS Sydney & SMS Ebden action off Cocos Is. 9 Nov 1914
So you think you know about DX? Foundations of Amateur Radio Ep. 71
Massive auroras sighted around the Arctic Circle

14 October 2016
And more photos from DK9OS & DK9MOS of AGM 2016 added to the PhotoAlbum
DX news from ARRL
RN tests unmanned fleet of the future
More on unmanned boats of the future

13 October 2016
Some more photos from the AGM added to the PhotoAlbum
JOTA/JOTI is next weekend - 15 & 16 October
USS Missouri is amateur radio exam venue
Reuter's War College podcast on 'What the heck has happened to the RN?'

10 October 2016
First photos from 2016 AGM in the Photo Albums page
Firmware update for new Icom IC-7300
DX News from ARRL
New propagation video released by RSGB for use by clubs
Radio hacker caused havoc at Edinburgh Airport and hospitals
RFA Diligence to be axed 4 years early after nearly £29M refit over past 3 years

6 October 2016
Alpha Bravo Charlie ... 60 years old
Origins of the RST reporting system
736 Squadron T1 Hawks on exercise video

4 October 2016
New OFCOM website will be unveiled on 5 October
Latest ICQPODCAST features HamFest 2016
How to use Amazon Echo in Amateur Radio
CQ-DATV 40 now available for free download
HMS Westminster completes refit
HMS Westminster after refit

3 October 2016
We'll be operating GB3RN before and after the AGM.  Keep an eye on the Notice Board for Freqs & Modes
Gov't pledges £1.3B for 4 Vanguard replacements
Drones, drones, drones everywhere in latest RN exercise
HMS PoW affiliations announced
HamRadio20.TV - Android DMR phone from RFinder