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Note from the Chairman concerning behaviour

It is with some dismay that I have to make it plain to some members of the Society who are complaining and continue to complain and harass our Newsletter Editor over matters that have spilled over from the Yahoo Group. To those individuals who are responsible for continuing to make unhelpful, and on occasion, pointed or tacit remarks about the way that things have been done in the recent past, the message is simple: stop it now.
I make note of the fact that we never know who is reading the Society's emails in the Yahoo Group or indeed anything else with our Society's name on it, therefore, it is incumbent upon all of us to act responsibly, so that no one draws close to the line over which the Society's reputation becomes questionable. When that happens I can assure you that the Committee will bring to bear its full authority into sharp focus upon individuals in the here and now.
All matters of dissatisfaction between members must be addressed by the members involved - with the help of the Yahoo Group Monitors/Mediators if required.
21st April 2017

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