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RNARS Certificates of Merit

Nr. Recipient Call/SWL/ Member/Non-member Citation
23. Dick Baty VK5MD For his work as Controller of the Australian RNARS CW Nets and as the administrator of the "ENDEAVOUR" award. 
24. Sid Will GM4KGJ For his work in establishing the Northern UK RNARS net and acting as its controller.
25. Roland Beardlow VE3AML For his work in establishing and running the Canadian RNARS SSB nets. 
26. Ian Anderson-Mochrie  G3VCM For his work as Chairman of the RNARS Committee 1979-1981. 
27. Chris Bassett  G3ZAM For his work as a committee member 1978-1981 and as HQ Shack Manager. 
      9 October 1982
28. Tom Bowyers III  WD4CQY For his vigorous work in support of the RNARS and as Deputy Controller of the North American Nets. 
29. The Communications Section of the Southampton RNXS Unit    For their work at the 1982 Mobile Rally as traffic marshalls and communications numbers. 
30. Mike Thorne VK3BKK For his work as Manager of the Australian branch of the RNARS and as editor of Australian Signal. 
31. Dave Reid VE3ESC For his hard work in organising and hosting the RNARS North Americal Hamfest at Whitby, Ontario, in July 1982 
32. Karl Pansi  OE6PN For his constant support of the RNARS and control of the RNARS CW Nets. 
33. Stan Smith G3LSG For his hard work as Manager of the HQ station (G3BZU) during the period 1980 - 1982. 
34. John Riggs G4KDK For his work as the Society's Commodities Manager and Committee Member 1981 - 1983. 
35. Peter Hardy G3VNH For his work as a committee member, organiser of JOTA at HMS MERCURY and as AFS Coordinator. 
36. Peter Bowne G3TZL For his work as Code Proficiency Manager and as a Committee Member over several years. 
37. Bob Stanley G6LOB For his work in establishing, maintaining and operating the special station GB8CAV onboard HMS CAVALIER during 1983. 
38. Cyril Turner G8NL For his efficiency and cooperation with the society in processing the many QSL cards that have been generated by RNARS Special events station over the last 20 years. 
39. "Brad" Bradbury  BRS 1066 For his hard work and co operation with the society HQ station as the RSGB QSL Manager for G3BZU. 
40. Chris Dodd VK6DV For his many years of work as the Western Australia RNARS Chapter Manager and as controller of the Australian SSB DX Net. 
41. John Proctor VK2DLP For his work in establishing and maintaining the computerised RNARS callbook for the members of the Australian branch. 
      23 March 1984
42. J I Redrobe Cdr RN (Retd)     For his willing assistance and close co-operation with the RNARS in the establishment of the Society's amateur radio station GB2RN onboard HMS BELFAST.
      17 July 1984
43. Ivan Sullivan SWL For his work in support of the society as Treasurer and Ex Officio Officer during the period 1982 to 1984. 
      13 October 1984
44. Chris Kirby Lt Cdr RN G4KNM For his work in organising and running the special events station GB4FAA at RNAS Culdrose Air Days, 1983 and 1984. 
45. Yeovil Amateur Radio Club   For their work in organising and running the RNARS stand and Special Events station GB2FAA at the Yeovilton Air Days 1979 -1984. 
46. Dave Duff VK2EO For his consistent work as the Australian Controller of the RNARS CW DX net and his support of the society in Australia. 
47. Margaret Nally VK3QU For her work in operating the special station VK3RAN enboard HMS CASTLEMAINE and support of the society in Australia. 
48. Nick Sifferlinger  OE8NIK For his work as Deputy Net Controller for the RNARS IOM SSB Net and his support of the Society. 
49.     (Not allocated)
50. Clive Kidd G3YTQ For his work in support of the Society as its Chairman 1982¬1984. 
      12 October 1985
51. Eddie Day G4OBV For his hard work in the re-organisation and maintenance of the Bridge Wireless Officer onboard HMS BELFAST. 
52. Tom Biddlecombe G3WAO For his hard work and efficiency in coordinating and running the RNARS Silver Jubilee Mobile Rally. 

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