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RNARS Certificates of Merit

Nr. Recipient Call/SWL/ Member/Non-member Citation
      9 October 1993
135. John Marsden G4SNY For his invaluable contribution is assisting the Editor with the regular production of the Newsletter. 
136. Bill Jennings G0IEC For his sterling efforts in keeping GB2RN, onboard HMS Belfast, on the air over the last three years. 
137. Ted Newland G3TMN For his willing cooperation, in assisting Bill, WALHMW, as Net Control Station of the RNARs North American SSB Net over a number of years. 
138. Jan Stuart G0JCY For his excellent conduct and example as Net Controller of the Tuesday RNARS cw net over a number of years. Additionally for his work in the printing of the RNARS Newsletter. 
139. Tom Bowyers WD4CQY For his work in establishing and running the USA RNARS QSL Bureau over a number of years - in addition to his work as an assistant new controller of the RNARS North American SSB net. 
140. Captain P.Sutermeister RN     For his tremendous help and encouragement to the Society during his period of office as President of the Society from 1991 to 1993 -'a period which included the society's-move to HMS Collingwood. 
141. Fred Rafferty G0BLE For his work in keeping order on the "Bubbly Rats" net on a regular basis, especially after members have toasted "The Queen". 
142. Barrie Aspinall G4ZAW For his work in setting up an RNARS data base through which the work of the Area Coordinator and his representatives has been made much easier. 
143. New HQ Shack team   For the efforts of those members who gave of their time and put in hours of hard work to establish the New HQ of the Society in HMS Collingwood on time. 
144. Lt JA Stephen RN   For his support and assistance in RNARS affairs during his time as the Ex Officio member of the society's committee from 1992 to 1994. 
      8 October 1994
145. Gwyn Richards GW0INW His constant on the air activity and support of the RNARS in South Wales 
146. Brian Lucas G0TAR For his "behind the scenes" work in the procurement of a Versatower for the new HQ shack in HMS COLLINGWOOD 
147. The Orkney Wireless Museum GB0OWM  For their work in collecting, preserving and displaying the radio and electronics heritage of Scapa Flow and the Orkney Islands 
148. Phil Manning G1LKJ For his years of dedicated work for the RNARS through his HMS BELFAST committee work, rally representation and coordination of the RNARS Packet Register 
149. Dick Grindley G0MNL For his high standard of work as the RNARS Newsletter Editor from 1991 to 1994 
150. Eric Mortimore G3DKH For many years of work as the coordinating member of the RNARS stand at the RSGB NEC exhibition, for his support at many rallies and for his committee work from 1991 to 1994 
151. Brian Davies GW0JXW For his support of the society over many years as coordinator of the Area representatives scheme, support at many rallies and his committee work from 1991 to 1994 
152. David Wilkes G4KLW For his support of the society through his work on the HMS Belfast committee, Shack Manager and committee member from 1992 to 1994 
153. Fred Jones G8HTP For his years of work as an area coordinator and as Chairman of the RNARS - (HMS Plymouth) group 
154. Snapper Island (NSW) VK2CC For their involvement in the setting up of the radio group on Snapper island and their encouragement of the young cadets in their radio training. Also for their assistance in establishing radio activities onboard HMAS Vampire 
155. Mark Taylor, Lt RN   For his support and assistance to the Society as its Ex Officio, 1993-1995 
156. BJ Roberts, CWEM(R)   His cooperation and willingness in ensuring the smooth running of RNARS events in the the Warrant Officers and Senior Rates mess of HMS Collingwood during his term of office 1993-1995. 

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