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RNARS Certificates of Merit

Nr. Recipient Call/SWL/ Member/Non-member Citation
2009/1 Robin Bellerby GM3ZYE For all the hard work that he did for the Society as Secretary and Newsletter Editor
2010/1 Bill Mahoney G3TZM For all his hard work for the Society especially in its 50th year, the maintenance work done on the HQ beam and for organising the special call GB50RN which was operational during the Coventry weekend and allowing his equipment to be used
2011/1 Phil Manning G1LKJ For all his work as a regional representative
2012/1 Les Lawbuary EA5AVL Les, Bob and Peter – along with Bill have been instrumental in getting the 15m Maritime Mobile net up and running
2012/2 Bob d'Imperio N4XAT
2012/3 Peter Saunders HZ1PS / VK6PW
2012/4 Bill Cridland WA1HMW Bill instigated the first ever RNARS website. He has also been the mainstay of the weekend North American DX nets and as the Country Manager for the States has done much to make the RNARS known "over there"
2012/5 Fred Rafferty G0HMS Fred G0HMS has been the backbone of the Bubbly Rats net for many years. He has also been an Area Rep. for many years
2012/6 Les Horne GW0JTE For his long service to the Society as a member of the Committee and as an Area Representative.
2012/7 Keith Ray G1GXB For his long service to the Society as a member of the Committee and latterly as the Shack Manager
2012/8 Charlotte Dixon Brittania Hotel, Coventry Charlotte has gone beyond the call of duty in looking after the Society in the hosting and running of the last 2 get-togethers in Coventry.
2013/1 WO1 Rosie Dodd Ex-Officio  
2013/2 Julia Tribe G0IUY For their invaluable help in setting up the Collingwood Radio Club & ATV Group
2013/3 Simon Tribe G0IEY
2013/4 Frank Cotton G0LFI
2013/5 Christine Cotton M6UBI
2013/6 Peter Blakeborough G3PYB
2014/1 Ray Ezra G3KOJ For his service as Shack Manager and Vice-Chairman
2014/2 Hans-Juergen Kempe and Maren DK9OS & DK9MOS For their hospitality to visiting members and for their technical assistance with copies of The Communicator.

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