18 January 2018
How to send and receive SSTV on Baofeng
HMS QE gets ready for sea trials
First section of hull of first Type 26 HMS Glasgow completed
Opinions say MOD will be worst hit by Carillion collapse
Let's call the Type 31e frigate a corvette
US Navy commanders face negligence charges
Test pilot compares F-35B & Harrier
Results of RNARS CW Activity & INORC 2017 contest on Contests page

17 January 2018
Boeing develops unmanned aerial tanker for USN jets
VK becomes AX for one day on 26 January
FT8 Operating Guide
WSPR beacon on the way to the Antarctic
SolderSmoke podcast #202 is now available
Fourth Astute class sub completes first dive

13 January 2018
Russia's underwater nuclear drone poses problem for NATO
Surg. Capt. 'Rick' Jolly OBE has crossed the bar

12 January 2018
HQ Shack heating is now back on
D-Star satellite lost on launch, replacement planned for Feb 1
DX News from ARRL
What caused US Navy collisions in 2017
RSGB Newsletter for Affiliated Clubs now available on Special Notices page

10 January 2018
Plymouth to get £5M new naval museum
The (very) slow process of dismantling RN nuclear subs
This is how to do a recruitment advert
The Naval Review has just launched its website
Analysis of the acoustic detection of loss of the Argentinian sub

8 January 2018
Welcome to new members Dave NP2MR & Hein VE5TEN
More escorts for Russian ships transiting the Channel
An officer's guide to breaking the rules
Campaign launched to fund Battle of the Atlantic memorial on Liverpool Pier Head
Consortium formed to bid for Type 31e frigate contracts
HMS Ocean sold to Brazil

6 January 2018
USN to use unmanned Helicopters as forward spotters
Cockpit view of BA A380 taking off from Heathrow (video)
DX News from ARRL
HMS Belfast 80th birthday weekend of celebrations 16-18 March 2018

2 January 2018
Happy New Year to all our members and visitors
USN using intelligent buoys for large scale ocean monitoring
DX News from ARRL
Bargain basement Type 31E - Lidl frigate or ...?
Dreadnought class submarine in focus
Unmanned systems and anti-submarine warfare
A contrarian's view that we need more admirals not fewer

24 December 2017
Armed forces veterans to be issued with ID cards
DKARS magazine available for free download
Where are our military this Christmas?

23 December 2017
Annual KW Days will be on 6/7 January
Radio Caroline returns
DX News from ARRL
HMS PoW floated out of construction dock

18 December 2017
New Radio Amateur Society of Australia
Next Advanced distance learning course starts in January
UK takes delivery of 14th and final F-35B Lightning II this year
Update on Warship World & Maritime Books
Rumour that General Sir Gordon Messenger, Royal Marines will be next Chief of Defence Staff

17 December 2017
Latest edition of (free) 5MHz Newsletter available for download
US Navy comms system SDR operates from 2MHz to 2GHz
DX News from ARRL
Norway ends national FM broadcasting
The future of Amateur Radio is software - says faradayRF
GEO (weather satellite) quarterly magazine available for free download
RSGB Affiliated Clubs Newsletter Jan 2018 added to Special Notices page
A Ham's Night Before Christmas - video classic
RSGB Raspbery Pi 2017 lecture now online
Dummies Guide to DMR
More BBC AM transmitters to close
Tim Peake opens RN-backed technical college in Portsmouth

30 November 2017
Still looking for local helpers for our Aerial Morning on 10 Devember
Xmas lunch on 19 December at 12.00 in The Crofton, Hill Head.  Names & £5 deposit per head to G3ZDF
Slow scan TV from space on 2m on 5-6 December
G3NRW IC-7300 resources page
Ofcom say they 'no longer hold a list of available amateur radio callsigns'
Explanation of why to use virtual amateur radio
New FM repeater satellite
Review of the new Type 26 Frigates
RN Palace Guard (video)