26 March 2019
How to get into DMR (and DStar) without a radio
ISS SSTV transmissions on 1-2 April on 2m
The 2018 ARRL DXCC Yearbook is now available for viewing and (FREE) downloading
ESEO satellite commissioning starts
Two more 2018 Convention videos available on RSGB You Tube channel
Latest River Class OPV named HMS Tamar

Latest 60 second news update from across the Naval service comes from HMS Duncan
Discussion about whether RN should bring back minelaying

20 March 2019
New DMR weekly sked @17.00Z on TG23527, net controller Ian 2E0IHH, first sked today 20-3-19
Transponders for working geostationary satellite Es'hail-2
Amsat has announced mods to its up and downconverter kits
How to perfect your 'Burpee'

18 March 2019
VP8OE Falkland’s 1982 civilian hero SK
Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV Founder of GQRP Club is SK
RSGB has introduced a new Intermediate training book to support the new amateur radio exam syllabus that starts on 1 September 2019
DX News from ARRL
'Lego build' SDR transceiver
All members should have had their Spring 2019 Newsletter by now.  Any problems contact G3ZDF
RSGB Affiliated Clubs Newsletter for April 2019 available on the Special Notices page
FREE IARU-R1 Monitoring Newsletter available for download
AmateurLogic.TV episode 128 - lots of interesting stuff
HMS Protector encounters Bristol-sized iceberg
Has the RN solved its staffing problems?
Airbus' Skyways drone tests deliveries of parcels to ships at anchor
RN's design flaws: Sea Control & Information Warfare
USN to build 2,000 tonne unmanned arsenal ships
12 Spanish sailors jailed for stealing 12 tonnes of lead ballast from their frigate
Russian Special Forces midget submarine
USN's stealth destroyer departs San Diego for its first 'operational underway'

8 March 2019
Our Editor (Chairman) is looking for stories for the newsletter.
Welcome to new members Jon G1POS, Roger M0UEE, Tony M6LWO, Merlin M0MFX & Simon MM6OHG
Congratulations to Alan on getting his new callsign M7GKB
DX News from ARRL
Free RaspberryPi magazine - MagPi to feature Amateur Radio projects in next issue
Video presentation on simple, post-apocalypse-friendly aerials
Celebrating 100 years of WWV
Special event station OL75CLAY
Vice Admiral Jerry Kydd is the new Fleet Commander
First Supplies moved on board HMS PoW
Admiralty Board Meeting (photo) March 2019
HMS Artful with Special Forces dry dock shelter (photo)
Planned closure of HMS Sultan has been deferred until at least 2029

28 February 2019
RM bases in Chivenor & Norton Manor will not now close
Type 26 frigate mission bay Part 1 - design & development
Sunken Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad raised & slowly being towed - live video feed
Comparison of vertical launch systems in European and Asian navies
Should submarine hatches be made bigger to cope with obese matelots?
3rd Dreadnought submarine to be named HMS Warspite
Russian Poseidon Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo!
Falklands HMS Coventry Veteran looking for sponsorship for Everest Base Camp challenge for Falklands Vets
HMS Daring stripped down in Portsmouth ready for tow to Birkenhead for fitting of new diesel generators
New entrants accommodation in HMS Raleigh awaits new entry
Germany's DARC reports that Russian 'Sunflower' radar makes 5MHz band unusable
Digital ATV coordination on Es'hail-2
Free cross-platform software for producing Veroboard & single sided PCBs
Canvey Island Rally 2019 - video summary

21 February 2019
Just 2 Phalanxs being fitted to HMS QE
RN & RM complement still short by 1350
New squadron of Poseidon P-8 maritime patrol aircraft will deploy in the Arctic in 2020
Veterans ID cards to be available to all military veterans by end of 2019
Receiving the Es'hail-2 geostationary satellite
DX News from ARRL
Albums on the new DMR Repeater & Harwell Rally added to Photo Albums

14 February 2019
If you are on DMR give a call on TG23527, UK Military & Veterans or call the HQ repeater GB7CO on 235272

13 February 2019
First amateur radio geostationary satellite transponder now active
EF50 - the valve that changed everything
Space Station SSTV decoder using RaspberryPi and RTL dongle
IARU-R1 Monitoring Newsletter now available for free download
QSO Today - interview with W6AWO founder of the Maritime Radio Historical Society
Ofcom guidance on operating in other countries
US Navy provides amateur radio training
DX News from ARRL
Def. Sec. delivers new vision for RN
China's Type 055 destroyers are the key to naval primacy in the Pacific
Designs for RN Future Littoral Strike Ships published

EX-HMS Bronnington as she is today
Ferry crashes into pier in Barcelona causing crane to collapse (video)
The story of what happened during the collision of the USS Fitzgerald
First Phalanx being fitted to HMS QE

6 February 2019
If you connect to GB7CO directly (not over the Web) we would like signal reports please
Video of South Pole auroras
Listen out for Jim BW/G4TDS on 40m CW during the forenoons
HMS PoW first week of storing ship
In-depth look at Wildcat helicopter

4 February 2019
GB7CO DMR UHF repeater is now live
Peanut - the DStar app, discussed in the ICQ podcast
LimeSDR Open Satellite Project
LimeSDR and Digital Amateur TV
Black Arrow UK's space rocket is back home
Foxhall transmission station
DX News from ARRL
USN unmanned ship navigates autonomously from San Diego to Pearl Harbour
Life of Type 23 frigates to be extended

28 January 2019
Welcome to new member Alexander OE6FTE
OrigamiSat-1 team requesting help testing 5.84 GHz telemetry downlink
Repeater time-out project launched
Control your rig remotely using an Android Smartphone
Video message by Bear Grylls to trainees at HMS Raleigh
MoD looking for Normandy veterans to join chartered ship for 75th anniversary commemorations
Sub Lt Ian Copland explains all about Burns Night
HMS Enterprise showing how she can turn on a sixpence
PortsmouthNews reports MoD looking at dry dock for QE class in Portsmouth
8 years to build first Type 26 frigate but China's navy builds equivalent of entire RN every year
GB7CO the RNARS UHF DMR repeater in HMS Collingwood has been approved by Ofcom

25 January 2019
Tuesday next - 29th, DMR Rig set-up in HQ Shack.  Remember to bring your programming cable
Our new DMR UHF repeater GB7CO is in the technical testing phase
SSTV from ISS 31 January - 1 February
DX News from ARRL
Lots of new and interesting SDR stuff on RTL-SDR
Comment on the speed of building RN's new Type 26 frigates
New Finance Director of the RN appointed

21 January 2019
Mick G3LIK has details of the funeral arrangements for Des G3LCS (SK)
RSGB launches Photo Friday on Twitter
LimeSDR & PLUTO sends ATV signals
Open Source Radio Telescopes
Android Peanut app can now run on Windows
Special call EI19RE will be active for the duration of 2019
RN & RM named as one of UK's top LGBT-friendly employers
New weekly defence industry podcast
Options for dry-docking the RN's new aircraft carriers
Forces News reports from RFA Argus
'Allowing submariners to wear white jumpers ashore would help retention' says The Sun
Useful analysis of US, Russian & Chinese progress in Hypersonic weapons development

18 January 2019
Latest version of UK bandplans published
Many free vintage radio & amateur radio e-books available
Earth's shifting magnetic poles are affecting your phone
DX News from ARRL
RN celebrates 50 years of continuous at sea deterrent patrols
Chatham Dockyard celebrates 50 years of Beatles Yellow Submarine album - HMS Ocelot painted yellow
USN unleashing robot ships on the world's oceans
HMS Iron Duke goes for major refit and upgrade in Devonport
HMS Montrose welcomed to Auckland NZ by haka
The Sun says Def Sec suggested using paintguns to deter Spanish incursions into Gib territorial waters
Commando trained 'rocket man' on their assault course (video)

14 January 2019
All articles for the Newsletter will be very welcome.  Please send them to David 2E0GLL
Phased array antennas move whilst standing still
Fan vertical antenna
DX News from ARRL
Selection of devices for teaching Morse code
F-35s ready for front line operations
HMS Mersey deployment in the Channel costs £20,000 per day
HMS PoW progressing towards sea trials
US Navy planning to (re)open a base on the Aleutian Islands
HMS QE maintenance will be carried out in Rosyth

9 January 2019
Uncertainty over where Plymouth's Royal Marines will be based
How China is modernizing its Navy
60 second update on RN & RM news

7 January 2019
D-Star satellite telemetry received
RNARS will be represented at the Harwell Rally on Feb 10th
DX News from ARRL
New DAB decoder for SDR dongles released
Eavesdropping a computer monitor using SDR
SD logging app from EI5DI is now free
Naval personnel recognised in New Year's Honours List 2019
Part 1 of the story of the flooding of HMS Endurance in the Magellan - Leadership
Part 2 of the story of the flooding of HMS Endurance in the Magellan - Priorities

2 January 2019
Latest edition of 5MHz newsletter available for FREE download
China's new antenna is 5 times the size of New York City
WAB turns 50
Two new Intro to Amateur Radio videos by Izzy M6TZI
How to make the most of amateur satellite operation
QSO Today interview with Jonathan Naylor G4KLX developer of MMDVM & other digital voice applications
DX News from ARRL
Ofcom makes G5 + 3 letter calls available
What to do when HF is quiet
The SAS in the Falklands - 2-part podcast
Life onboard HMS Enterprise
National strategy for maritime security
The painfully slow process of dismantling ex-RN nuclear submarines
A year in review - the RN in 2018

20 December 2018
German amateurs on 4m in 2019
Second Sea Lord guest of honour at Sultan Ceremonial Divisions
HMS Dragon seizes £75m of narcotics in Gulf drugs bust
Astute class sub fitted with Special Forces Dry Deck Shelter (photo)
Russian nuclear-powered cruiser enters Barents Sea
The Sun calls HMS Echo(H87 - survey ship) 'Black ops spy ship'
HMS Prince of Wales December 2018 Newsletter

18 December 2018
Technobabble generator
New UK Award - Worked All Postcodes
Soldersmoke podcast Ep. 208
What US Navy undersea warfare looks like today

Building HMS Glasgow - the first Type 26 frigate

14 December 2018
DF13 special German prefix from Jan to June 2019
First FT8 Roundup is a huge success
DX News from ARRL
Beginner's Guide to working amateur radio satellites
G3CWI questions the threat of FT8 to Amateur Radio
RN will be without a ship-to-ship missile after 2023
Broadening the Armed Forces entry criteria
Type 26 frigates will be based at Devonport

11 December 2018
HMS QE back home in Portsmouth
RM band welcomes HMS QE back
3 companies bid to develop & build new Type 31e frigates
New techniques used in designing Type 26 frigates
Guide to the new Tide class tankers
NASA Club stations will be active from December 21 to celebrate 50th anniversary of first lunar mission
WSJT-X v2.0 full release now available
BBC puts 1940s Radio Times online
Turkish amateurs gain access to 60m & 6m
Essex Ham have created some short videos on training courses
DX News from ARRL

5 December 2018
All seats taken for the Christmas Lunch
SAQ on Christmas Eve on 17.2 kHz
Portsmouth harbour navigation aids installed specially for new carriers

3 December 2018
Vice Admiral Tony Radakin CB is to be promoted Admiral and appointed First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff, in succession to Admiral Sir Philip Jones
2 more satellites with FUNcube payloads launched
10m ARRL contest next weekend, phone and CW
CQ-DATV magazine issue 66 available for free download
RSGB releases more videos from 2018 Convention

Unusual ship design

HMS QE, HMS Monmouth & RFA Tidespring

Four international shipbuilding companies & 1 UK one selected to compete for Fleet Solid Support ship contract
RAF looks to buy different variant of F-35 to one bought by RN

30 November 2018
Preliminary report on the sinking of Norwegian frigate says "the accident was not caused by any single act or event, but can be explained by a series of interacting complex factors and circumstances"
F-35 landing on HMS QE without arrester wires (video)
Full set of names for Type 26 frigates announced
New UK VHF/UHF activity - Worked all Postcodes
DX News from ARRL
Software defined Doppler radar with LimeSDR mini
Using RTL-SDR on an Android smartphone

28 November 2018
1SL says China's Navy is expanding - launching equivalent of entire RN fleet every year
Equipment from Fred G2JV (SK) available on EBay, item nrs 153279710448, 153279712241, 153279713412, 153279716096, 153279717741
First 'serious' FT8 contest this weekend
27 November was the 95th anniversary of the first short-wave trans-Atlantic contact