10 May 2021
The next Free Foundation Online Training course starts 16 May, register now
RSGB YouTube Channel has 2 videos to help radio amateurs understand the Ofcom EMF licence changes
DX News from ARRL
First basic trainees pass out of Collingwood in 50 years
Royal Marines trial use of jet suit for boarding operations
UK Carrier Strike Group sets sail(video)

28 April 2021
Practical Wireless and Radio User are now available on Pressreader to library users
DX News from ARRL
Naval museums prepare to open after pandemic lockdown
Close-in defence for RN's aircraft carriers
HMS Tamar given dazzle paint scheme
Considerations for the RN's Type 83 anti air warfare destroyer

27 April 2021
Merlin helos arrive on HMS QE ahead of deployment
RN ships searchlight tribute to victims of Plymouth blitz
Carrier strike deployment group to visit 40 countries
Aircraft carriers, dinosaurs and Max Hastings

18 April 2021
Sailors and Marines' key role in funeral of Duke of Edinburgh
HMS Glasgow starting to take shape
HMS Affray memorial service held in Alderney
More details of UK Carrier Strike Group upcoming deployment emerge
Cats and traps - options for RN carrier launched drones
DX News from ARRL
Radio amateur on BBC Radio 4 programme - The Life Scientific at 09.00 on Tuesday 20 April

7 April 2021
World Amateur Radio Day is coming up on 18 April
RSGB Tonight at 8.0 webinar on VNAs and the NanoVNA on 12 April @ 20.00
RTÉ to cease radio transmission on DAB network
Latest edition of The 5 MHz Newsletter is now available for free download
Amateur Radio contests explained
Ham Radio Friedrichshafen cancelled
Maritime Radio Day will take place on 14-15 April
DX News from ARRL
New RSGB EMF Calculator available
New draft Amateur Radio licence from Ofcom
Dreadnought class subs to get 'Fly-by-wire' technology
EX-Navy man builds new career with Lego
New autonomous surface vessel delivered to RN
RN's new 'Eyes in the Sky' enter service
Defence Review will forge a growing navy with expanding horizons
5 ways the Russian Navy could target indersea Internet cables
Novel technologies in anti-submarine warfare
Reflections on the Defence Command Paper
HMS Trenchant pays off
TASS reports 4 hypersonic missiles fired successfully from Russian frigate

19 March 2021
RN revives days of sail with training on tall ship
RN completes workouts with Baltic Navies
HMS QE arrives on the Clyde to embark munitions
Fascinating view inside a Russian Kilo-class submarine
RN W-class submarine design
When will the RN have 24 destroyers and frigates?
RAF Air Cadets Exercise Blue Ham is this weekend
DX News from ARRL

12 March 2021
Ofcom has published new EMF guidance HERE. RSGB will continue to publish EMF advice HERE
CQ Magazine has introduced a new multi-distributed multi-operator contest
DX News from ARRL
New RSGB video series demonstrates practical skills for newly licensed amateurs
Space update from SpaceX
Help for CW beginners
Monster antenna in ZL (video)
British Pathe newsreel of BBC Monitoring Service in 1941
New callbook of amateur stations in France available for download
Tim Hunkin rides again with The Secret Life of Components
Ofcom has released a database of callsigns for UK & Crown Dependencies
Latest issue of Naval Warfare magazine now available online
RN leads Joint Expeditionary Task Force in the Baltic Sea
The threat to the world's comms backbone - the vulnerability of undersea cables
Sunday Times article suggests only 48 F-35Bs will be ordered
Are the RN's aircraft carriers too big?
An almost-complete family tree of submarine designs
Digital standards in the RN

22 February 2021
The next RSGB Webinar Tonight @ 8 will be on 1st March on Propagation Prediction Tools
Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Fair still scheduled to go ahead on 25-27 June
DX News from ARRL
Daily Mail reckons 4 oldest Type 23 frigates to be retired early as part of Defence Review
Who will be the next Chief of the Defence Staff?
Snapshot of the Ops Room on board HMS Exeter 30 years ago during the Gulf War
How the RN monitors the Russian Navy sailing close to the UK
RNAS Culdrose construction photos unearthed
Video of the AWHERO Rotary Unmanned Air System (RUAS)

14 February 2021
DX News from ARRL
US Army describes how it build a quantum radio that can receive from DC to 20GHz
The anniversary of the 'Channel Dash'
Sculptor chosen to create National Submariner Memorial
Volunteer Cadet Corps celebrate 120th anniversary this weekend
RN submarines and non-acoustic sensor technology
Daily Telegraph reports Army to lose 10,000 over the next decade (paywall)
Figurehead removed from HMS Victory in 2009 and thought to be a replica now turns out to be original
2 year delay to HMS Audacious commissioning (and also to HMS Anson) due to 'technical issue'

8 February 2021
Version 2.3.0 of WSJT-X has just been released
DX News from ARRL
An introduction to SOTA (Summits on the Air)
Spearfish - the RN's new torpedo put through final trials by HMS Talent

1 February 2021
Register now for free Foundation Online Training Course starting 7 February
Register now for free Advanced Online Training Course starting 17 February
Latest ICQ podcast
Updated RSGB-Ofcom EMF calculator
Very long special call OV0JUTLANDIA commemorating Danish Hospital ship in the Korean War
RSGB video introducing and explaining online propagation tools
There is now a 2m beacon on St Helena
Australian amateurs now keep the same call when upgrading or moving
DX News from ARRL
HMS QE assumes role as new fleet flagship
RN set to receive new autonomous minesweepers
Rare Armada maps saved for the Nation
HMS Protector back at sea after 10-month maintenance overhaul
HMS Collingwood welcomes first New Entrants in 50 years
Low budget, lightweight Puma drones now operational with RN on HMS Tamar
RN innovation and transformation

14 January 2021
Home Construction talk by Steve G0FUW & Pete N6QW now on YouTube
Listing of the available & reserved UK callsigns
New Greek award commemorating 200 years of independence
Listen to digital modes on any Android device
New WSJT mode - Q65
Offshore patrol vessel HMS Spey swaps Blue for White Ensign
RN's successful technology trials
Analysis of the National Audit Office report on MOD's Equipment Plan
Royal Marines highlights of 2020

29 December 2020
49th Original QRP Contest will take place on 2/3 January
Noctilucent clouds are missing
Indoor amateur radio antennas
Fox hunting with SDR
Talks and tutorials from GNU radio days 2019 now on YouTube
DX News from ARRL
HMS Tamar commissioned into the Fleet
A Review of the RN in 2020
Capita wins £1bn contract to provide RN training services

17 December 2020
G4CQM's exploration of dipoles
Latest edition of FREE 5MHz Newsletter
Another Free Foundation Online Training Course starts December 20
Free eBook about the magic 6m band

8 December 2020
Australian regulator says 'No' to 60m
DX News from ARRL (5 Dec)
TX Factor TV episode 27 is now available
FREE IARU VHF Handbook is now available for download
The former RM Museum in Eastney is to be turned into a 5-star hotel
Type 32 frigate concept
Setback for HMS PoW - internal flooding incident
MOD considering options for takeover of Sheffield Forgemasters
Indian Ministry of Defence rejects last minute attempt to save ex-HMS Hermes
Armed Forces Minister says "On current plans Type 45 destroyers will leave service between 2038 and 2038"
Entire crew of HMS Vengeance evacuated after Covid19 outbreak

28 November 2020
Using a light bulb as a dummy load (and an antenna) with a handheld TX/RX
How to fit a PL259 plug on RG58 coax
The next Free Foundation Online Training Course starts on Dec. 6.  Register here.
DX News from ARRL (26 Nov 20)
Essex Ham contrasts the old City & Guilds RAE with today's 3 tier exams
RN contingent will provide guard for Windsor Castle from Monday 30 Nov for 3 weeks
The pandemic has seen a surge of 30% in applications to join the RN
New submarine training building at HMNB Clyde

23 November 2020
New YouTube channel by G0KSC to help you get proficient in antenna modelling
New report recommends UK foreign policy tilt towards Indo-Pacific region
Video of FT4 & FT8 lecture by W4GHD

22 November 2020
Video presentation by KG5RDF on how to use the NanoVNA
ARRL report suggests Sunspot cycle 25 could be among the strongest ever
GB1NHS will be on the air over Christmas
DX News for week ending 20 Nov from ARRL
HMS Dragon returns from Black Sea deployment
Plymouth Cold War Museum plan overcomes first hurdle

18 November 2020
The Space Weather Woman with news of storms, flares and fast wind
IARU Monitoring Systems October Newsletter now available
AmateurLogic.TV Ep. 149 including K8JTK hub digital multimode interlink system
RSGB Hope QSO Parties over Christmas
Connect or Retire: Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Defence
Final Falkland beach cleared of mines
US Navy seriously struggling with maintenance backlog for its overworked carriers

13 November 2020
DX News from ARRL
Frugal Radio - Episode 6 of SDR Guide, trunk tracking
Royal Marines practice with new kit in Gib exercises
The strategic case for a UK multi-role vessel for humanitarian aid and disaster relief
Naval Warfare magazine
Video introduction to Infrastra the new company that owns Harland & Wolff in Belfast and Appledore
US Marine Corps report successful integration exercise on board HMS QE
The nuclear deterrent - the foundation of UK defence

9 November 2020
Teaching amateur radio to children(video)
Lectures and presentations from RSGB Convention available on YouTube
Key challenges faced by the introduction of unmanned or autonomous systems into the RN
Type 31 frigate on schedule - despite the pandemic
Two Russian intelligence-gathering ships operating off Moray Firth
Special forces diver delivery unit in development by Hampshire-based company
Remembrance 2020
Extending the life of Type 23 frigates

4 November 2020
RSGB Webinar 'An Introduction to GNU Radio' by Heather M0HMO
Understanding radio receiver dynamic range
APRS - more than just position data
DX News from ARRL
Frugal Radios's SDR Guide episode 5 - software primer
Annual Submariners' Remembrance service held in London
Service of Prayer & Remembrance for the Armed Forces 09.00 5 Nov on Defence Christians' Network YouTube channel
RN to implement smoking and vaping ban in all ships and establishments in 2021

28 October 2020
New TV documentary made on board HMS Trident starts Nov. 4 at 21.00 on Channel 5
Big sunspot alert
New Zealand amateurs lose 5MHz
DX News from ARRL
An analysis of the recent RN/RM special forces operation in the Solent
Happy 356th birthday to the Royal Marines
Flags being hauled down today from HMS Bristol after 47 years of service including Falklands
New Fleet solid support ships to be built in Britain
The myths surrounding Britain's new aircraft carriers
List of base closures with dates

20 October 2020
The International Naval Contest will take place on 12 December.  Details here.
RSGB has announced that 2,000 people have successfully passed their Foundation exam using remote invigilation
How to use the Reverse Beacon Network to check your CW signals
Still a few places left on the distance learning course for the Intermediate Exam
DX News from ARRL
HMS QE has returned to Portsmouth following Strike Group debut
HMS Dragon forges ties with Ukraine with a week-long visit to Odessa
Photos from HMS QE's participation in Exercise Joint Warrior
New Dreadnought Class submarines video from BAES Marine
Type 31 frigate programme on target despite pandemic
Video of HMS Bulwark moving into dry dock in Devonport

7 October 2020
Ofcom proposes new amateur radio licence conditions
How to turn your BBC MicroBit into a CW Transceiver
RSGB releases videos on practical skills for new amateurs
Exercise Blue Ham 3 has been cancelled
DX News from ARRL
10 ways the IC-7300 has impacted on amateur radio
RN officer makes history as top student on tough German course
UK carrier strike group assembles for the first time
It's 30 years since women were first allowed to serve at sea
Can Plymouth give its RN heritage the place it deserves?
HMS Dragon being tracked in the Black Sea by Russian Navy
BBC report from onboard HMS QE

28 September 2020
New WSJT candidate release features FST4 for use on LF & MF
Online amateur radio training resources
Geomagnetic storm warning
More news from Down Under on RF pollution from solar panel installations
DX News from ARRL
Guide to receiving weather satellite charts on Windows 10 using an RTL dongle
HMS Protector back in the water ahead of Antarctic mission
HMS Collingwood celebrates 80 years of training
Update on the Crowsnest project

23 September 2020
RSGB to introduce remote invigilation for Full exam
TV set knocks out Openreach broadband
Day of the YL's memorial Contest (7 - 8 November)
SolderSmoke podcast 225 now available
HMS QE has embarked 2 squadrons of F-35Bs in preparation for major exercise
Ex-HMS Hermes on her final journey to the shipbreaker's yard

18 September 2020
DX News from ARRL
Latest space weather from the Space Weather Woman
Denby Dale club talks available on YouTube
RF pollution from electric vehicle wireless chargers
Setting up a Raspberry Pi with an RTL dongle for amateur radio use
The next Free Foundation online training course starts on 20 September
Solar panels can cause interference - despite preventive measures
UK Six Metre Group AGM Sunday 27 September by videoconferencing
First Sea Lord launches Mayflower Autonomous Ship
Mayflower Spirit
Follow Mayflower on this web feed
Plans unveiled for cold war museum in Plymouth
RN's autumn programme has begun
Story of ITV's drama about the RN that sank without trace
New book published on British Naval Intelligence through the 20th century
UK to invest in logistics hub in Duqm, Oman to facilitate RN deployments to Indian Ocean and beyond
The cruise missile threat to the UK

7 September 2020
Latest RSGB 2020 Convention information and arrangements
DX News from ARRL
This year's Digital Communications Conference will be streamed live on YouTube
Security & Defence Review - rumour mill
10 more USMC F-35Bs due shortly at RAF Marham
Former Royal Yacht voted top UK visitor attraction
Photo tour of Stonehouse barracks which is due to close in 2027
Ukrainian SU-27 fighter returns to base carrying a road sign

26 August 2020
Calling all ex-WE branch members who may have served in 'Colingrad'.  Stories/dits/memories needed for HMS Collingwood 80th anniversary commemorative book to be published later in the year.
Welcome to new member Martins M0PAM and welcome back to Steve G3MII
RN's newest ship ready for action in record time
D-Day landing craft completes final journey to D-Day Museum in Southsea
Appledore shipyard comes back from the dead - again
Renewed call for Fleet Solid Support ships to be built in Britain
Data, submarine cables and the Defence Review
The next free foundation online training course will start on 6th September
RSGB 2020 Convention will be streaming online
DX News from ARRL
Watch & listen to an explanation of how the new Online Amateur Radio Club operates

18 August 2020
Welcome back Ray M6HOU
GB80BOB (Battle of Britain) will be operating from the homes of RAFARS Members during the month of Sept 2020. QSL Cards via the RAFARS BUREAU ONLY with SAE to Andrew 2E0NDZ QTHr
RN's drone experts ready to deploy on warships
RN officers and ratings make history at unique parade
Visitors get to see Victory's bottom for the first time
HMS Enterprise deploys to Beiruit in UK's support for Lebanon
UK and Belgium agree to collaborate on Protector drones
New £5 coin marks 75th anniversary of end of WWII
Inside a torpedo tube onboard USS Toledo
What the ultimate submarine could look like in 20 years
New book by 'Sharkey' Ward
November Kempton Rally Cancelled
Ep. 26 of the TX Factor now available
DX News from ARRL
New 8M & 5M bands added to PSK Reporter site
IARU Monitoring System Newsletter now available

5 August 2020
Welcome to our new Secretary Martin M0EHL and our new QSL Manager Pete G4GSA
AGM 2019 Minutes uploaded
Learn all about SDR and how to make use of WebSDRs as well
Shazam style signal identification for Android
RSGB Facebook group for M7s and returning licensees
'No more practicals for the Intermediate assessment', says RSGB
DX News from ARRL
U3A Amateur Radio Meeting
VKs no longer have to change their callsign when they upgrade or move area
RN's commitment to drone technology for future operations
Debate on whether the UK carrier Force is headed for the South China Sea
New book on the modern destroyer just published, Tribals, Battles & Darings

23 July 2020
Welcome to new member Roger M0TJK
Our RNARS Nets need your participation, get involved, have a listen, make a call.
Construction of the final unit of first type 26 frigate HMS Glasgow has started
The Naval dimensions of the ISC 'Russia' report
The Radio Amateur Society of Australia have made their popular magazine QTC directly available as a free downloadable PDF
New video looks at the Icom IC-705 SDR QRP transceiver
2020 National Hamfest cancelled
UK Intermediate Training videos available online
DX News from ARRL
RN GPs train at sea
Navy drone team support commando fliers on exercise
Good news, 2% pay rise for all armed forces personnel, bad news, no increase in MOD budget
RN's Devonport nuclear submarine support facilities upgraded
Video of UK F-35 jets operating from HMS QE in the North Sea
USN launches investigation into fire onboard USS Bonhomme Richard
RN amphibious warfare capability in flux

10 July 2020  
Welcome to new members Pete G4CJX and Mike G7LIL
80th anniversary of the only Naval Battle of Britain VC winner
Social worker trial on HMS PoW proves a success
RSGB extends remote invigilation to Intermediate exams
DX News from ARRL
IARU Monitoring Service (aka 'Intruder Watch')Free Newsletter now available
Software Defined Radio Academy goes virtual
Ian M0LIH has been streaming his activities with GB3RN through QO-100 / Es'Hail-2 Satellite on YouTube. Check for RNARS
Big radio switch-off is delayed until 2032 - FM and AM stations saved
CW Training program
HMS Defender, Diamond, Kent & Richmond to escort UK Carrier Strike Group in May 2021

1 July 2020
Welcome to new members Brian M0SSN and Rob 2E0YXS
If anyone served with Derek(SK) G4EZZ/F4VQE could you contact G3ZDF please?
Details of virtual RNARS AGM in the Summer issue of the Newsletter
Register for FREE online Foundation Course
SolderSmoke podcast 223 now available for download
New book "Backing Bletchley-The Codebreaking Outstations from Eastcote to GCHQ" mentions some interesting work by amateurs
RSGB running live interactive webinars Tuesday evenings at 20.00 on YouTube and BATC
DX News from ARRL
New commando uniform for Royal Marines
..and here's the promotional video of the new uniform
Major James Fuller RM has received the rare honour of an American decoration for his service in Afghanistan
Armed Forces Week for the RN around the world
Review of the carrier strike force by the National Audit Office
Promotional video of Chatham Dockyard
FOST changes the name but not the initials
Warship building in the pandemic - progress on the Type 26 frigates

24 June 2020
This year's AGM will be a 'virtual' one.  Details to follow
GB100RS will be active between 28 June and end October to celebrate 100 years of Royal Signals ARS
G3CRS/A and GM3BZU/A are still operating.  Keep a listen out for them
DX News from ARRL
BBC Broadcasters Net meets at 09.00 on 3.700MHz SSB on Tuesday mornings and welcomes fellow broadcasters, engineers and Film industry retired and current
New book on Portishead Radio published by Larry G4HLN.  Available on Amazon
RN launches latest smart crewless boat for general duties

12 June 2020
Welcome to new member Dave G4YBO
GB100RCS will be active on 28 June to commemorate the Royal Signals Centenary Day
Free Foundation Online Training Course starts on June 21
DX News from ARRL
GKA - "Portishead Radio - A Friendly Voice on Many a Dark Night" new book
IARU Region 1 monitoring system newsletter now available
RN's Caribbean task group assembles ahead of huricane season
First landing of operational F-35Bs on board HMS QE

2 June 2020
Welcome to new member Bob M7RWW
RSGB introduces new booking system for online Foundation exam that people can take in their own homes
Video of IARU-R2 'Satellite Communications 101' workshop
The joy of QRP operating
RSGB confirms National Field Day has been cancelled
DX News from ARRL
YouTube GNU radio tutorials for Windows 10
Digital voice for VHF Marine Band?
HMS QE one step closer to maiden operational deployment
HMS Forth honours 1982 Falkland heroes
Rolls Royce MTU engines selected for Type 31 frigates
Video of HMS Endurance and her helicopters operating in the Antarctic
Maritime and Coastguard Agency plans to add drones to air fleet
In focus - the RN's Sampson radar
HMS Sultan adapting methods to train naval engineers using social distancing and technology
New PWO badge discussion

19 May 2020
REMINDER: Online quiz tonight Tuesday - details on Facebook, GROUPS.IO and Twitter feed
DX News from ARRL
FREE IARU-R1 Monitoring Newsletter now available for download
The special call II2EMCA will be active from 1-7-20 to the end of the year
May 2020 RadCom available free of charge as part of the RSGB Get on the Air to Care campaign
RN's commemoration of VE Day
Latest issue of Naval Warfare available for online reading

1 May 2020
Reminder: We are looking for articles for the Newsletter.  Please send to David M0SLL
DX News from the ARRL
Listen out for GB4VVV until 11 May
Special VE Day and VJ Day commemorations
The next FREE online amateur radio Foundation course starts on May 3
Netherlands special event calls in May to commemorate end of WW II
Listen out for GB75VED in May run by RAFARS to commemorate end of WW II
Ofcom have released a database of allocated callsigns
RN trials underwater gliders that can aid submarine hunters
HMS QE has sailed for operational training
RM Commandos are running mobile virus test centres in the South West
China has commissioned 2 more ballistic missile submarines
Sailors begin returning to USS Theodore Roosevelt after quarantine period on Guam
CO of HMS Trenchant relieved of command after investigation
Upgrading the RN's nuclear sub support facilities in Devonport
The last TON class minesweeper left afloat in the world likely to be scrapped
New sophisticated German fuel-cell powered submarine

23 April 2020
Latest 5MHz Newsletter is available for FREE download
Welcome back Tom EI3ER and to new member Chris M0TXB
Details of Marc G0TOC funeral are on the RNARS Facebook page
Japanese amateurs have new privileges including FT8 on 160m and 80m
Solar panel installations in Switzerland cause RF interference
DX News from ARRL
Video of Japanese Morse Code talk by Norman G3CSG (SK)
VDSL interference reporting
The latest IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Newsletter is available for FREE download
Plymouth Naval Base helps produce masks for local NHS
New Patrol Ship HMS Forth makes first visit to South Georgia
HMS QE will sail from Portsmouth next week allowing time for her whole crew to be tested for Covid-19
Russia's deep-sea submarines and a deadly fire
Gosport residents complain of the noise from HMS PoW running her diesel generators alongside
US firm to trial new robot water taxis in Plymouth this summer

10 April 2020
Welcome to new members Andy M7XRN & Mik IZ2FME
Free evaluation report on SDRs for small satellites
DX News from ARRL
RSGB website has a wealth of information and help about EMC
Introduction to new Morse Code course on YouTube
Special Australian call - VI2020STAYATHOME
Saturday 18 April is World Amateur Radio Day
HMS Audacious arrives at her new home HMNB Clyde
HMS Richmond proves new engines for the rest of the fleet
RN Medical staff are supporting the NHS on the frontline
HMS Tamar makes her Portsmouth debut.  She is 4th of 5 new OPV
French aircraft carrier FS Charles de Gaulle heading back to Toulon with 40 suspected cases of Covid-19 on board
First of new generation bow mounted sonar fitted to HMS Portland
Young girl fishing catches submarine

20 March 2020
Divers and mine warfare memorial unveiled in Portsmouth
HMS Defender returns from 7-month deployment
Last wartime destroyer captain dies aged 105
New upconverter to bring SDR devices down to HF band frequencies
RSGB has cancelled all future exam bookings until further notice
DX News from ARRL
USN is preparing its 2 hospital ships to fight coronavirus-19
Watch The Cruel Sea on BBC iPlayer
Congratulations to Cathy, now M0WVL

18 March 2020
The Spring 2020 Newsletter has now been sent to all members.  If you don't receive your copy please contact Joe G3ZDF

13 March 2020
DX News from ARRL
BERU/RSGB Commonwealth contest this weekend
Kempton Park Rally has been postponed to 15 November
YouTube tutorial on receiving weather images from NOAA satellites
Latest space weather forecast from the Space Weather woman
Groundbreaking trials of RN/RM unmanned equipment in Norway
Former First Sea Lord (our Patron) honoured at graduation
Trials of RN's new anti-ship missile Sea Venom
Second P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft arrives in the UK
Type 45 Destroyer availability improving
Towards a silent frigate - Type 26 propulsion system in focus
Cut away drawing of trans-Atlantic narcotic-smuggling submarine

2 March 2020
60m band now authorised in France
Free IARU Monitoring Newsletter for Jan 2020 now available
DX News from ARRL
The February Eclectic Tech from the ARRL podcast is now available
The Winter issue of the International DX Association newsletter is now available for download
Ofcom has stopped issuing short Full Calls
The latest Space Weather forecast from the Space Weather Woman
New QO-100 bandplan announced
HMS Tamar handed over
Submariners' children challenged to design new monument
Russia stages first ship-launched hypersonic missile test
The Submarine Memorial appeal
The future of the RN attack submarines
Another episode of Warship: Life at sea tonight on Channel5 at 21.00
Inside Russia's next generation attack submarine
HMS Bristol to be scrapped as too expensive to maintain

13 February 2020
Mobile phone with a rotary dial
DX News from ARRL
'Shazam' style signal identification
Web-based logbook using your browser
The Engineering Edge podcast
HMS PoW to visit Liverpool
Submariners are the RN's master caterers
TACTICOS - the RN's new Combat Management System
Forces TV reports on the work of the RN's Fishery Protection squadron
Follow more goings-on on board HMS Duncan, Monday evenings 21.00 Channel5
Timeline for delivering carrier strike
Perspectives on the different cultures of the military and the civil service
Should the RN buy warships 'off the shelf'?
More about the Type 31 frigate

3 February 2020
In the latest ICQPodcast a discussion about whether the NanoVNA is any good
RSGB Operating Awards QSL checking service
RSGB has released another batch of videos of 2019 Convention lectures
AMSAT has deployed a WSPR/APRS buoy in the South Atlantic
HM Submarine Otus will be taking part in the Museum Ships Weekend with the call DM3G
DX News from ARRL
HMS Collingwood Open Day will be on 6 June this year
Jets fly from RN carriers in UK waters for first time in 10 years
RAF's first P-8A Poseidon arrives in Scotland this week
1SL has announced the RN will be significantly reducing the size of Navy Command HQ
BBC article about 'The Goldfish Club'
The greatest risk to national security you've never heard of
RN has ordered 5 Mantas T12s - unmanned surface surveillance vessels
MOD does not yet know how or if it will replace RN's largest hydrographic ship HMS Scott
Review of 2020 Strategic Defence Review and its impact on the RN

26 January 2020
Welcome to new members Cathy 2E0WVL, Steve 2E0WDR and Pat M0AAC
Latest TX Factor (Ep 25) looks at the weather, linking repeaters without the Internet and the latest Elecraft gear
If you want to apply to be an RSGB Board Director the deadline is 31 January
Spanish amateurs can now apply for short format calls
DX News from ARRL
Latest FREE Hackspace magazine features MS0SCZ
Space weather from the Space Weather Woman
Some videos for amateurs looking at 'The Small Garden' problem
Look out for special calls OX80HM & OZ80HM until 16 April celebrating 80th birthday of Danish Queen
AmateurLogic.TV Ep. 139 looks at a free remote desktop solution, Vara WinLink and RPi4
HMS QE sails for Lightning jet trials in UK waters
Restoration of Liverpool memorial to WW2 seafarers
Norwegian Navy corvettes, transit speed 47 knots, max soeed 60 knots
Snapshot of RN Surface Escorts
Revolutionary AI warship contracts announced

18 January 2020
Welcome to new member VA3GKY RCSCC Quinte
HMS Collingwood celebrates 80th birthday
HMS QE's new CO takes charge
HMS Scott honours HMS Antelope in the Falklands
HMS Forth takes up her role as Falkland Islands patrol ship
RN to start unmanned mine hunting and surveying ops
INORC 2019 Results on Contests page 2
DX News from ARRL
VP8 licence holders must revalidate their calls
US amateurs complain of QRM from marijuana grow lights
AMSAT-DL announces a new QO-100 down-converter V3d
Special call DL35SDR will be active during 2020 from Munich area to reflect 35 years of SDR
Water drop antenna lens directs radio wave energy through its curved shape

11 January 2020
The 2020 CQ DX Marathon runs for the whole of 2020
Latest (free) IARU Monitoring System Newsletter shows coordinator plagued by LED QRM
DX News from ARRL
IET Wiring Regulations changes affect syllabus
Grey line propagation
The 'Day of YLs' contest 2020 will be held on 24/25th May
Latest TAPR (FREE) Newsletter with details of TangerineSDR
National Museum of the RN are looking to raise £5m to create a Royal Marines Museum inside the Dockyard
From Sea Dart to Sea Viper - area air defence for the RN
Submariners gather at Gosport to mark the closure of the Submarine Escape Training Tank
The 2020s will change the world submarine balance
What it's like to operate a warship in the crowded and dangerous Strait of Hormuz
RN marks 20 years since LGBT ban lifted
RN remembers legendary Norway raid 80 years on

4 January 2020
Happy New Year to all members and visitors
For VK Members - Graeme has been calling CQ RNARS net each Wednesday evening at 0930Z on 7020Khz. Keep a listen out
Ofcom has released a list of available, allocated, reserved and forbidden callsigns
DX News from ARRL
Essex Ham's FREE online Foundation courses have re-started using the 2019 syllabus
New Submarine Escape, Rescue, Abandonment and Survival (SMERAS) training facility due to be open at HMNB Clyde (Faslane) this year
HMS QE New Year Resolutions for 2020
2-minute video capturing the global impact of the RN in 2019
Irish Navy ships laid up because of personnel retention crisis across Irish Defence Forces

31 December 2019
There's a new site for veterans on the Links page.  It's funded by the Armed Forces Covenant
DX News from ARRL
Europe 1 on Long Wave closes tonight
RN & RM honours in New Year's Honours List - including our Patron
Big goffa
A review of the RN in 2019
Replacing the RN's Harpoon anti-ship missile
Report in The Times that 1SL is planning to remove 5 Rear Admiral posts and reduce the 400 staff at NCHQ by up to 50%
"No Captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy"
Unwelcome stowaways
New RN Strategic Studies Centre opened in Portsmouth

17 December 2019
We are still looking for volunteers to run GB8OCO in the HQ Shack during December.  Names to G3ZDF
Just a reminder that the RNARS Yahoo group has moved to groups.io
TX Factor episode 25 released
IARU R1 VHF-UHF-microwave FREE Newsletter available for download
Watch the weekly space weather forecast from Dr Tamitha Skov WX6SWW(The Space Weather Woman)
DX News from ARRL
Christianity on the Air will be active over the Xmas period with calls such as 4X2XMAS
Impress your friends by pointing out the International Space Station as it passes over
Commissioning day for HMS PoW
F-35 takes off from HMS QE while it's alongside in Pompey
World's oldest Xmas pud on display in Naval Museum
Earlier days when lots of subs around
HMS QE & HMS PoW alongside each other

2 December 2019
Listen out for GB19YOTA from the HQ Shack on Tuesday 3 Dec from 18.00 to late
Using the Raspberry Pi for portable operation
Falkland Islands gain access to 4m band and 60m
Latest CQ-DATV magazine available for free download
WSJT-X v2.1.2 released
BT OpenReach VDSL has caused RF pollution - according to Ofcom analysis
DX News from ARRL
RN Operational Honours awards
355 Ship USN Fleet No Longer Viable

25 November 2019
More countries in Europe, Africa & Middle East gain access to 50 MHz
RN starts royal palace guard duties today
Army wants to balance manpower cuts with RN mothballing or leasing to USN 1 new aircraft carrier

23 November 2019
Ham Radio Day aboard RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach on 14 December
Big news for the 6M band
DX News from ARRL
New version of SDR-Console released (V3.0.17)
Autumn 2019 edition of BBC Monitoring's FREE magazine Monitor is now available
New items added to For Sale or Wanted page, property of G3UAZ (SK)
Monument to RN Diving & Mine Warfare personnel to be unveiled at Gunwharf Quays
HMS PoW is slightly longer, wider, heavier and faster than her sister ship HMS QE

16 November 2019
HMS PoW arrives in Portsmouth today around 14.00
Volunteers needed to operate GB8OCO in the HQ Shack during December commemorating 80th anniversary of the commissioning of HMS Collingwood.  Names to Joe G3ZDF
DX News from ARRL
The RNARS Yahoo Group has now moved to groups.io/RNARS
GB19YOTA will be operated by a group of Sea Cadets from HQ Shack on 3 December between 18.00 and 23.59
Monitoring your neighbourhood vehicle traffic with passive radar
New Amateur Radio organisation for those that enjoy or use CW
MOD signs contract with Babcock to build 5 Type 31 frigates
RN will return to palace guard duties from 25 Nov

5 November 2019
RNARS Xmas lunch in the Crofton 13.00 10 December, names and deposits to Chairman
HMS Collingwood 80th anniversary special call GB8OCO for December - looking for volunteers to operate from HQ Shack.  Names to Joe G3ZDF
Welcome back David G6XJZ
TX Factor at the HamFest in Newark.  Look out for Alan M6LFM and our Chairman David M0SLL
Latest issue of FREE 5MHz Newsletter now available for download
DX News from ARRL
ABC news report from nuclear powered USN submarine
HMS PoW likely to arrive in Portsmouth early December
HMS QE documentary Sunday evenings at 20.00 on BBC2

28 October 2019
Golden Oldies DJs reunite at Radio Luxembourg's London HQ for unveiling of blue plaque
The Grid Square Award
G3BZU ranking in RSGB HF SSB Field Day
Hackspace (free) magazine antenna construction article and lots more
DX News from ARRL
RSGB looking for clubs to host 'Train the Trainer' days
Did you miss the latest TV programme about HMS QE?
Happy 355th Birthday to the Royal Marines
HMS QE will deploy in 2021 with 2 destroyers, 2 frigates, a nuclear sub and support vessels
HMS Dragon now has a swimming pool
Minister tells 1st Sea Lord to make warship availability a priority

21 October 2019
Welcome to new member Scott of Radio User
Trafalgar Day today
DX News from ARRL
Australian Maritime Safety Authority looks to end HF monitoring for maritime distress & safety
New proposal from RSGB VHF Manager G4SWX for a Beginner's Licence
New jetty completed in Portsmouth Dockyard for HMS PoW
Why the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers operate VSTOL aircraft

14 October 2019
Welcome to new members Ross G4DTD, Jonathan GD0BFN & John VK6FAAW
Latest ICQ Podcast
DX News from ARRL
Raspberry Pi remote radio setup reviewed
HMS PoW notches up more milestones on sea trials
UK's F-35Bs have landed on HMS QE for the first time
2019 AGM Awards on the SpecialNotices page

12 October 2019
AGM today in HMS Collingwood
Photos from the AGM now in PhotoAlbums

7 October 2019
For your information, fellow members, Radio User Magazine's October edition contains a 3 page profile of our Society (p23). Current feedback about it is very encouraging. It is a unique opportunity to be given such exposure in a national publication. Our grateful thanks to the Editor, Georg Wiessala

3 October 2019
Welcome to new members Rosemary (SWL), Paul M0PPD & Martin G3ZXZ
DX News from ARRL
Comparisons of AirSpy HF+, Discovery, RSP1 and other SDRs
RN begins initiative to maintain ASW edge
Virtual tour of RRS Sir David Attenborough
HMS PoW hits top speed in sea trials