16 November 2019
HMS PoW arrives in Portsmouth today around 14.00
Volunteers needed to operate GB8OCO in the HQ Shack during December commemorating 80th anniversary of the commissioning of HMS Collingwood.  Names to Joe G3ZDF
DX News from ARRL
The RNARS Yahoo Group has now moved to groups.io/RNARS
GB19YOTA will be operated by a group of Sea Cadets from HQ Shack on 3 December between 18.00 and 23.59
Monitoring your neighbourhood vehicle traffic with passive radar
New Amateur Radio organisation for those that enjoy or use CW
MOD signs contract with Babcock to build 5 Type 31 frigates
RN will return to palace guard duties from 25 Nov

5 November 2019
RNARS Xmas lunch in the Crofton 12.00 10 December, names and deposits to Chairman
HMS Collingwood 80th anniversary special call GB8OCO for December - looking for volunteers to operate from HQ Shack.  Names to Joe G3ZDF
Welcome back David G6XJZ
TX Factor at the HamFest in Newark.  Look out for Alan M6LFM and our Chairman David M0SLL
Latest issue of FREE 5MHz Newsletter now available for download
DX News from ARRL
ABC news report from nuclear powered USN submarine
HMS PoW likely to arrive in Portsmouth early December
HMS QE documentary Sunday evenings at 20.00 on BBC2

28 October 2019
Golden Oldies DJs reunite at Radio Luxembourg's London HQ for unveiling of blue plaque
The Grid Square Award
G3BZU ranking in RSGB HF SSB Field Day
Hackspace (free) magazine antenna construction article and lots more
DX News from ARRL
RSGB looking for clubs to host 'Train the Trainer' days
Did you miss the latest TV programme about HMS QE?
Happy 355th Birthday to the Royal Marines
HMS QE will deploy in 2021 with 2 destroyers, 2 frigates, a nuclear sub and support vessels
HMS Dragon now has a swimming pool
Minister tells 1st Sea Lord to make warship availability a priority

21 October 2019
Welcome to new member Scott of Radio User
Trafalgar Day today
DX News from ARRL
Australian Maritime Safety Authority looks to end HF monitoring for maritime distress & safety
New proposal from RSGB VHF Manager G4SWX for a Beginner's Licence
New jetty completed in Portsmouth Dockyard for HMS PoW
Why the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carriers operate VSTOL aircraft

14 October 2019
Welcome to new members Ross G4DTD, Jonathan GD0BFN & John VK6FAAW
Latest ICQ Podcast
DX News from ARRL
Raspberry Pi remote radio setup reviewed
HMS PoW notches up more milestones on sea trials
UK's F-35Bs have landed on HMS QE for the first time
2019 AGM Awards on the SpecialNotices page

12 October 2019
AGM today in HMS Collingwood
Photos from the AGM now in PhotoAlbums

7 October 2019
For your information, fellow members, Radio User Magazine's October edition contains a 3 page profile of our Society (p23). Current feedback about it is very encouraging. It is a unique opportunity to be given such exposure in a national publication. Our grateful thanks to the Editor, Georg Wiessala

3 October 2019
Welcome to new members Rosemary (SWL), Paul M0PPD & Martin G3ZXZ
DX News from ARRL
Comparisons of AirSpy HF+, Discovery, RSP1 and other SDRs
RN begins initiative to maintain ASW edge
Virtual tour of RRS Sir David Attenborough
HMS PoW hits top speed in sea trials

24 September 2019
AGM 2019 Agenda available HERE
First aircraft lands on HMS Prince of Wales

22 September 2019
Notice of the RNARS 59th Annual AGM is on the Special Notices page
Database of Japanese amateur radio stations
Saltwater and plastic antenna
DX News from ARRL
SDRSharp community plugin now available
HMS Prince of Wales sets sail
HMS Medway commissioned
New stamps celebrate 500 years of RN ships
Navy mourns loss of friend and benefactor Vice-Admiral Sir Donald Gosling
Design of new Type 31 frigates selected
The current state of the former HMS Bronnington
Russian Navy to be first to field hypersonic cruise missiles on submarines
More details of the new Type 31e frigates

10 September 2019
HF SSB Field Day photos added to Photo Albums
The International Naval Contest will run from 16.00 UTC 7-Dec-19 to 15.59 8-Dec-19 and will be organised by MF-Runde e.V.  Full Instructions HERE

9 September 2019
The RNARS 59th AGM will be held on 12th October in HMS Collingwood.  Items for the Agenda, Reports and names of volunteers for the Committee and other roles to Joe G3ZDF as soon as poss please
Graeme VK5GG is looking for information on the VK 0930Z Wednesday 40m CW Net.  Can anyone in VK help?
RN medics have been deployed to RFA Mounts Bay following Hurricane Dorian
Minutes of the 2018 AGM and EGM now available on Members' Reports
RN unveils first digital laboratory in Semaphore Tower, Portsmouth

6 September 2019
Four new videos from the RSGB 2018 Convention have been uploaded to the RSGB YouTube channel
Basics of the superhet radio
DX News from ARRL
WSPR explained
RFA Mounts Bay delivers aid to the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian
Special call OL75CARBON
Transmitting WSPR on Es'Hai-l2 using moRFeus and less than 4mW
A closer look at the Littoral Strike Ship concept
Helicopter Pilot's 360° view of landing on HMS QE
Next generation Black Eagle 50 unmanned helicopter

3 September 2019
RNARS AGM on 12 October. Any agenda items to Hon. Sec. please.  If you are planning to attend please drop Joe G3ZDF a line so he can advise Security & Catering in Collingwood
National SSB Field Day this weekend.  Listen out for G3BZU/P or come and join us in the New Forest
Welcome back Ian G4WUH
RSGB has released mock exam papers based on the new 2019 syllabus for all levels
DX News from ARRL
HMS QE on her way to East Coast USA to embark new F-35s
RFA Mount's Bay in the Caribbean to provide support & assistance to the Bahamas

29 August 2019
Welcome to new members, Charlie MM0OUU & Aubrey 2E0HTX
ARRL prohibits automated contacts for DXCC & contests
WebSDR covering 144-146MHz now available from Goonhilly
DX News from ARRL
Young engineers design 'invisible commandos'
New charity aims to build new maritime relief ship doubling up as training vessel for UK & Commonwealth crews

21 August 2019
Congratulations to Paul(aka "Shady") on getting his new callsign M7PVL
What's in a Watt?
146 MHz band gets an extra year from Ofcom
DX News from ARRL
Work has started on the second of the Type 26 frigates, HMS Cardiff
New First Sea Lord's vision for the future of the RN
HMS PoW turns her screws for the first time

12 August 2019
US Navy rejects touchscreens and reverts back to tradional helm controls
Special call EI100YXQ to commemorate 1st E to W trans-Atlantic voice transmission
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend on 17/18 August
A history of aircraft carrier ski jumps
China seeks to dominate the seas
HMS Defender returns to the fleet fitted for intelligence gathering

11 August 2019
ARRL Dayton 2019 Hamvention videos available on YouTube
DX News from ARRL
Listen to Es-hail2 narrow band on the BATC WebSDR
Son 'promotes' father in unique ceremony in Collingwood
RN welcomes first warfare fast-track senior rate
HM Naval Base Clyde will be home to all RN submarines by 2020
Does RN training need a shake-up?
Munitions handling on the RN's aircraft carriers

26 July 2019
Welcome to new members Ben M3ZVP, Graeme VK5GG, Mario DJ8NU and Bob VE1RP
ARISS Russia SSTV test transmissions
"The Current War", features the 'war' between rival promoters of DC and AC
DX News from ARRL
Using diversity reception to cancel local interference
Facts behind Sporadic E
New URL for RSGB Trainer info.
RSGB considering new exam similar to City and Guilds RAE
Homebrew SDR transceiver for HF operation
FREE June 2019 IARU-R1 Monitoring System newsletter available
Culture clash between Aussies and French working on $50 billion submarine programme
There are a few new photos on the PhotoAlbums page

10 July 2019
Aerial maintenance day 10 August followed by BBQ
G3BZU/G3CRS aiming to take part in SSB NFD 7-8 September.  Venue to be confirmed.  All help welcomed.
RSGB objects to French proposal to share 2m with aeronautical services
Article in Nature suggests 'Grand Solar Minimum' lies ahead - maybe for 3 solar cycles
TX Factor Ep. 23 - demo of Es'hail-2/Oscar-100 operation from NRC Bletchley
VK6FLAB blog compares Software Defined Radio with Traditional Radio
RN gets privilege of rowing Queen's barge Gloriana at Henley
MOD to develop laser and RF weapons

5 July 2019
Welcome new member Ben M3ZVP & welcome back Gary G0VLJ
Threat to Amateur Radio 2m allocation still under discussion
Upgrading a Pure digital radio to DAB+
Congratulations to Wally G4DIU on 50 years membership of the RNARS
Foundation online course statistics released
Two and three letter calls available to new advanced exam holders
DX News from ARRL
Royal Marines unleash new lightweight missiles
The Arrowhead 140 Type 31e frigate candidate
Marines from 42 Commando board sanctions-busting tanker
14 sailors die on Russian secretive submarine accident
INS Viraat (ex-HMS Hermes) is to be scrapped 2 years after decommissioning

26 June 2019
Threat to 2m and 23cm bands resisted by RSGB
ICQ podcast 2306 includes item on HMS Belfast
DX News from ARRL
Gib special call ZB2IG19 July 1 - 31
Admiral Lord Collingwood comes home
New maritime technology centre launched in Plymouth
Obituary - Surgeon Vice-Admiral Alasdair Walker, MO HMS Plymouth during Falklands conflict
Interview with Capt Ryan Ramsey CO of HMS Turbulent
Video of helicopter in-flight refuelling
Why hypersonic missiles are so significant
Construction of HMS Audacious has fallen further behind schedule
Video - inside look at new P-8 Poseidon ASW aircraft

19 June 2019
New First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin takes over from Admiral Philip Jones
Newbury Rally next Sunday, RNARS will be in attendance
RNARS Curry Night 18.30 2 July, Kungfu restaurant, Fareham

12 June 2019
Marc G0TOC has had to resign as Membership Secretary and QSL Manager for health reasons.  All membership matters should be referred to Joe G3ZDF until we find a new Membership Secretary.
Petition to Ofcom to issue vanity callsigns
Yaesu (UK) have donated a multi-mode multi-band FT991A to the HQ Shack
DX News from ARRL
Latest Free MagPi magazine describes how to receive SSTV from the ISS with simple equipment
D-Day 75th commemorations in Portsmouth
Video of demo of Saab's Multi-shot Mine neutralisation System
State of the art facilities and equipment onboard RRS Sir David Attenborough
Waiting for low tide to get ashore
Swedish Visby class corvette HMS Karlstad with an interesting design
The RN's defensive shield - from Sea Wolf to Sea Ceptor

2 June 2019
Some photos from HMS Collingwood Open Day added to Photo Albums

29 May 2019
Collingwood Open Day next Saturday 1st June, GB6COD will be active
F35s arrive for training in Cyprus
Submariners honoured in Anglesey during HMS Thetis commemoration
HMS QE back in Portsmouth

23 May 2019
Due to an increase in costs and postage we have had to increase the prices of some commodities
175th birthday of Morse Code
Annual Amateur Radio survey
Joe Taylor K1JT has been inducted into the CQ Hall of Fame
50MHz monitoring trial on 13 June to coincide with ITU WRC 2019 discussion
HMS QE sets sail after her dry dock inspection

17 May 2019
DX News from ARRL
The Farnham WebSDR - DC to microwaves, RSGB 2018 convention video presentation
April IARU-R1 Free Monitoring Newsletter now available
HMS Sultan welcomes new CO
RN commemorates the Yangtze Incident

9 May 2019
US Marine Corps F-35 squadron will deploy on HMS QE in 2021
HMS Talent fitted with Wake Detection System
MOD recognises £250M price cap for Type 31E frigates is unworkable
The RN and Maritime Autonomous Systems

8 May 2019
Looking for volunteers to help out in the HQ Shack on Open Day 1st June.  Contact G3ZDF
Free IARU Region 1 VHF/UHF/Microwaves Newsletter now available for download
Tomorrow is AOxEU: Europe Day on the Air 2019
Experiments with end-fed half-wave antennas for portable use
First on-air test of HF digital voice mode FreeDV 2020
Some more photos from HMS Belfast AGM added to PhotoAlbums
Presentation at RSGB AGM on Es'Hail-2
DX News from ARRL
New International Marine Club SEAFARER set up and inviting membership
FT4 Versus FT8 - what's the difference?

29 April 2019
Congratulation to recent examinees Ian (2E0IHH) who is now M0LIH & David (2E0GLL) who is M0SLL
First photos from HMS Belfast 2019 AGM added to PhotoAlbum
DX News from ARRL
Princess Royal opens new Hydrographic HQ in Taunton
Vice Admiral Nick Hine appointed Second Sea Lord
Royal Marines take big step with new technology
Closure of GE Rugby electric motor plant threatens supply of RN propulsion systems