23 May 2019
Due to an increase in costs and postage we have had to increase the prices of some commodities
175th birthday of Morse Code
Annual Amateur Radio survey
Joe Taylor K1JT has been inducted into the CQ Hall of Fame
50MHz monitoring trial on 13 June to coincide with ITU WRC 2019 discussion
HMS QE sets sail after her dry dock inspection

17 May 2019
DX News from ARRL
The Farnham WebSDR - DC to microwaves, RSGB 2018 convention video presentation
April IARU-R1 Free Monitoring Newsletter now available
HMS Sultan welcomes new CO
RN commemorates the Yangtze Incident

9 May 2019
US Marine Corps F-35 squadron will deploy on HMS QE in 2021
HMS Talent fitted with Wake Detection System
MOD recognises £250M price cap for Type 31E frigates is unworkable
The RN and Maritime Autonomous Systems

8 May 2019
Looking for volunteers to help out in the HQ Shack on Open Day 1st June.  Contact G3ZDF
Free IARU Region 1 VHF/UHF/Microwaves Newsletter now available for download
Tomorrow is AOxEU: Europe Day on the Air 2019
Experiments with end-fed half-wave antennas for portable use
First on-air test of HF digital voice mode FreeDV 2020
Some more photos from HMS Belfast AGM added to PhotoAlbums
Presentation at RSGB AGM on Es'Hail-2
DX News from ARRL
New International Marine Club SEAFARER set up and inviting membership
FT4 Versus FT8 - what's the difference?

29 April 2019
Congratulation to recent examinees Ian (2E0IHH) who is now M0LIH & David (2E0GLL) who is M0SLL
First photos from HMS Belfast 2019 AGM added to PhotoAlbum
DX News from ARRL
Princess Royal opens new Hydrographic HQ in Taunton
Vice Admiral Nick Hine appointed Second Sea Lord
Royal Marines take big step with new technology
Closure of GE Rugby electric motor plant threatens supply of RN propulsion systems