22 June 2017
Some information about QSLs from Joe Poole (SK) (7Q7BP/G3MRC ...)
Video interview with the developer of RTL-SDR dongle (that's the sub £20 wideband receiver)
IARUMS reports Iranian wideband radar back on 10m
Jamaican hams now have access to 5MHz
JOTA will be held on 20-22 October 2017
DX News from ARRL
Revised syllabus for Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced exams out for review
China's new submarine engine poised 'to revolutionise underwater warfare'
Advanced distance learning course filling up
Armed Forces Day 24 June 2017
Wrens on parade to mark 100th anniversary
HMS Ocean's electronic warfare experts honoured
New real-time propagation tool goes online

20 June 2017
Just a reminder that this year's AGM will be held in RNA Gosport
DX News from ARRL
Advanced distance learning course

8 June 2017
Some photos of Collingwood Open Day
Reports of HMS QE crew getting bored and quitting

4 June 2017
Thanks to everybody who contacted GB6COD yesterday
DX News from ARRL
Long Range Maritime Patrol now being carried out by drones
New Russian stealth aircraft T-50

24 May 2017
DX News from ARRL
New Bletchley Park Exhibition
Tim Peake KG5BVI & David Honess M6DNT inducted into CQ Hall of Fame
TX Factor Ep. 16 is now on the air

17 May 2017
Family of former member Roger G7NEG(SK) looking for good home for his gear (Northampton).  Contact Joe G3ZDF
First non-US built F-35B rolls off production line in Italy
DX News from ARRL
KH4 & KH7K back on DXCC list
Latest RSGB 5MHz Newsletter available for FREE download
EI0SIX beacon is back on the air
Boeing developing unmanned submersible mothership for deploying drones
Britannia Royal Naval College Open Day will be on 8 July
HMS Daring back in Portsmouth after 9-month deployment in the Gulf
HMS Daring back in Pompey May 2017

11 May 2017
GB5RAF will be active on HF and VHF from Carew Cheriton Control Tower as part of the Mil-Fest celebration on the 20th May 2017
Inverted Vee V Loop on 40m
Telegraph story about Morse code
Morsum Magnificat magazine now available for FREE download
IARUMS Newsletter now available for FREE download
Summer 1998 Newsletter added to the Library

8 May 2017
Piece of RNARS ephemera added to Miscellany page
HamRadioNow.TV 318 on Antenna testing & comparisons
DX News from ARRL
Memorial service to HMS Sheffield sailors who died in Falklands conflict
RN Museum struggles to raise funds to return last coastal motor boat to Gosport

3 May 2017
Very sad to announce that Brian ('Joe') G3MRC/7Q7BP Member 0033 is SK
Three new HF beacons in South Africa
Film about the dredging of Portsmouth Harbour in preparation for new carriers
Redundant section of Guzz Dockyard converted into Plymouth's biggest redevelopment

1 May 2017
New album added to Photo Albums page
More photos added to Belfast AGM photo album
DX News from ARRL
CQ DATV magazine available for free download
Another stage in the roll-out of HMS Audacious

27 April 2017
Welcome to new member Joe M0AXP
USN Zumwalt class of destroyers still developing

BAE to build next Astute-class sub
BATC Chairman wins award
SERF 2018 confirmed
Fire onboard HMS Dragon

24 April 2017
Note from Chairman concerning behaviour
USN looks for companies to develop optical comms between subs and aircraft
DX News from ARRL
Photo from Belfast AGM added to Photo Albums

19 April 2017
DX News from ARRL
AX prefix for ANZAC Day on April 25th
International Marconi Day on April 25th
Some photos of visit of DK9OS & DK9MOS TO HQ Shack
Morsum Magnificat (Morse magazines) now available for FREE download
Haynes Owners' Workshop Manual for HMS Alliance

12 April 2017
GB2CAV (HMS Cavalier) will be active on Easter Monday
GB1SCW (Shoreham Coast Watch) will be active 3-4 June 2017.  Details QRZ.COM
Ham Radio Horizons magazine archive
RF emissions from wind turbines paper
DX News from ARRL
New PSK software for blind amateurs
The 2016 ARRL DXCC Yearbook is available for viewing & downloading
Warship TV programme on Channel 4
PM criticised for axing 42 Commando

6 April 2017
Radio Communication Museum of Great Britain in Derby
Permanent DATV signals from ISS
Calls for Yomper statue to stay in Portsmouth
First of new RFA class enters UK for first time
New bands for US Amateurs
Def. Sec. Fallon won't rule out axing RM numbers