20 August 2017
Friedrichshafen SDR Academy videos
US 'Global Persistent Surveillance'
Big balloon
New owner for Practical Wireless & Radio User
Ofcom has issued some 2 character contest calls erroneously
DX News from ARRL
Malta authorises 60m allocation
How a faulty door bell locked people in their cars
3 methods of TX'ing WSPR reviewed at QSO365
Nelson's chair from Victory on sale for £50K
10 US sailors missing as destroyer collides with tanker
First Sea Lord welcomes HMS QE to her home port
More photos of the arrival of HMS QE in Portsmouth
Video taken inside Ops Room of HMS QE
Broadband terminated dipole for ALE
How one Allied (RAF) techie changed the course of WW2

15 August 2017
HMS QE due in Portsmouth Wednesday at 07.10
Ryde webcam decommissioned - here's a live view of entrance to Portsmouth Harbour
Here's the view from Gosport
RSGB Affiliated Clubs September Newsletter in Special Notices
AmateurLogic.TV Ep. 107 looks at new digimode FT8, Scope Kits, Pi Zero & Tripods
BBC starts to switch off local medium wave AM transmitters

14 August 2016
HMS QE will arrive in Portsmouth on Wednesday 16 August
Chopper makes first landing and take-off from HMS QE

12 August 2017
Android 20wpm Morse code trainer
Risk of cyber attacks prompts shipping to return to eLoran for navigation
DX News from ARRL
How to build an SWR/relative power meter (video)
Perseid meteor shower this weekend
HMS QE expected in Portsmouth on August 18
Watch the arrival of HMS QE from Ryde webcam
Drone touches down on flight deck of HMS QE

7 August 2017
FT-8 the new digital mode for HF & 6m
The mystery Russian station on 4625 kHz that no one claims to run
Free DKARS magazine is now available for download
Upgrade to Scotland's military bases approved
DX News from ARRL
Free SpaceUK magazine
Solar powered GoKit for amateur radio
Keep an eye on what's happening in the Solent with this webcam in Ryde
HMS QE on her way to Pompey
Range of items recovered from Portsmouth Harbour during dredging

31 July 2017
DX News from ARRL
YOTA 2017 Summer event
Gib's Windy Hill to be rebuilt
Black Tot Day today
Hans-Juergen's (DK9OS) visit to Friedrichshafen Radio Fair

24 July 2017
Our Patron received an honourary degree from Liverpool University
1st Sea Lord honours
History of CB radio
G5RV honour
HamRadioNow.TV - troubleshooting techniques
Ofcom - spectrum for powerline carrier systems
Investment of £500,000 in Hartlepool Museum of the Royal Navy
Some more Jack Speak

21 July 2017
Some recent Committee Minutes and Newsletters added to Members' Reports
Everything you wanted to know about the new Type 26 Frigates
First of new Type 26s will be named HMS Glasgow
DX News from ARRL

20 July 2017
TXFactor.TV ep. 17 goes digital - intro to DMR, Fusion & D-Star
Yaesu's new DR2 repeater
DXCC rules are about to change
Ofcom guidance on localised mobile communications onboard ships
New features on free World's Repeater Directory app
Ofcom amateur radio licence guidance incl. /M in the Solent
SMS text driven flashing lights in tests on US ships
UK's first drone testing hub for Portsmouth
Naval servicewomen at Greenwich for WRNS100 celebrations
New long range maritime patrol air squadron due in 2020

14 July 2017
Using a mobile phone without a battery
TX-factor looks at YOTA
DX News from ARRL
HMS QE bumps into RMS QE II
Ocean says bye bye to Makems
RN celebrates Pride in London