19 September 2018
OFCOM responds to FoI request with number of UK Amateur Radio Licences
OFCOM refuses to sanction high power CB amplifiers
DX News from ARRL
First sea-going captain of HMS PoW takes over
60 years of FOST
Defence minister announcement about Type 31e frigates entering service
First Type 26 frigate, HMS Glasgow to be accepted by RN in 2025
HMS QE & HMS Monmouth arrive in Norfolk, Va.
UK radar satellite launches to track illegal shipping activity
Sea King farewell flypast
Harry Roughers video

12 September 2018
Moonbounce on a dipole
IARU Monitoring System reports of intruders on amateur bands
First EI-JA 70cms moonbounce QSO
Introduction to Amateur Digital TV book available for free download
MFCA has a new web address
DX News from ARRL
How to use an SWR Meter
Sale of BBC shortwave stations by Babcock
HMS Collingwood Heritage Collection throws open its doors
HMS QE arrives in Mayport, USA
Rolls-Royce engines to power USN's new unmanned drone for air to air refuelling

3 September 2018
How Morse Code beat the Dial Telegraph
Next generation SDR
BBC report about UK's new giant aircraft carriers
Free ATV magazine available for download
DX News from ARRL
100th anniversary of first VK-UK radio contact

29 August 2018
New DMR talkgroup for UK Military & Veterans - Brandmeister TG23527
Proposed changes to C&Rs/Constitution for consideration at EGM following 2018 AGM
Latest edition of 5MHz Newsletter available for free download
Running the Arduino IDE on a Raspberry Pi
Introduction to Network Radios (video)
Ops Room of HMS PoW fired up
F-35Bs do ramp training in preparation for HMS QE embarcation
F35B Ramp training
F-35Bs expected to make first landing on HMS QE 3rd week in September
The role of offshore patrol vessels in the future of the RN
Scallop wars - French and British fishing boats clash in the Channel
Channel5 to air programme about life on board HMS Duncan
China's second aircraft carrier left for sea trials a few days ago
HMS QE lowered mast
HMS QE's communications mast lowered for maintenance
HMS QE cable boom
HMS QE cable boom for high voltage shoreside power cables

24 August 2018
There's a petition to exempt radio amateurs from needing planning permission for radio aerials
Using a Raspberry Pi3 to detect SAQ VLF signals
DX News from ARRL
HMS Severn stops plunder of WW1 wreck by illegal salvagers
Italian cadet training ship, Amerigo Vespucci arrives in Portsmouth
Janes' Fighting Ships 2017-18 - yours for just £983
HMS QE - are aircraft carriers too expensive?
HMS QE - Senior rates mess opening
Still need volunteers for Committee membership - can attend meetings by Skype

20 August 2018
RSGB publishes revised syllabus for Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced exams
RSGB syllabus - changes to Intermediate practicals
ICQPodcast - Pi-Star 12 months on
FT8CALL - FT8 but with chat
New 10 watt 10 band QRP kit on the way from QRP Labs
DX News from ARRL
HMS Daring crew to be awarded Gulf of Aden clasp
HMS QE sets off for F-35B trials
HMS QE Skippers chair
HMS QE - Skipper's chair
First Sea Lord takes the salute of BRNC Passing Out Parade
3 Merlin Mk4 from RNAS Yeovilton arrive on board HMS QE
HMS QE - the view from the bridge
Sailing into danger - thoughts on the HMS Daring medal
Where's the chef?
HMS QE steering position
HMS QE steering position
HMS Jufair is now NSF Jufair
Recent Committee Minutes including 2017 AGM now available on Members' Reports

14 August 2018
Real-time UK band conditions
New liquid battery could lead to electric cars being charged in seconds
China claims successful test of hypersonic waverider
Zephyr UAV claims new endurance record
820 Naval Air Squadron embarks on HMS QE
Service personnel being offered second chance after failing compulsory drug tests
HMS QE - built to survive

10 August 2018
Kiwi-SDR can locate intruders in ham bands
DX News from ARRL
Useful propagation prediction tool - just give it your locator, antenna and height, rig and power and mode of transmission
DKARS August 2018 magazine available for free download
Multi, multi-mode mobile
How to use Kiwi-SDR for DF
Junior rates' accommodation on HMS QE
New workboats being built for RN
Second batch of F-35Bs on their journey to the UK (video)

2 August 2018
Call for articles, stories, cartoons etc for the Newsletter to David (Chairman)
Try out the new Morse facility on Google's keyboard app - GBoard
A decade of digital dependency
The new syllabus for Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced exams to be released w/c 13 August by RSGB
Upgraded HMS Kent and HMS Defender prepare for global missions

30 July 2018
Congratulations to Mike now M6POY, Dave M6OVD and Alan M6UIT who all passed their Foundation exam
Some photos of an aerial working party on 28-7-18 in PhotoAlbums
Significant changes in store for FT8 & MSK144 in WSJT-X 2.0
Ofcom has cleared two 23cm ATV repeaters for operation, the first for a number of years
DX News from ARRL
Three submarines break through the Arctic ice
The story of the building of HMS Hermes

25 July 2018
More aerial remedial activity in Collingwood next Saturday at 14.00
Android satellite tracking applications
New datamodes broadcast programme on 6070 kHz AM
How to record large chunks of the AM and short wave bands using low cost SDR
As of Feb 2018 Thailand has 3rd largest number of licensed amateurs
Inside the world's biggest aircraft - it even has a glass floor
DX News from ARRL
Welcome to new members John M6JYS and David SWL but soon to do his Foundation exam
Current RN submarine replacement programme
RN Type 31e frigate programme abruptly suspended
Updated analysis of Russian nuclear powered and nuclear armed ultra long range torpedo
Photo of HMS Duncan's enclosed focsle deck

17 July 2018
If you have knowledge of maintaining the Morse auto keyer GNT 112 (see below) the Comms Museum in HMS Collingwood would love to hear from you.
Morse keyer
UK unveils new fighter aircraft which can operate autonomously
Welcome to new members John M6JYS and David SWL
DX News from ARRL

11 July 2018
60 second news summary from Royal Navy & Royal Marines
Australia to make major investment in ASW frigates
Australia to buy 6 US-built Triton maritime patrol drones
88 MHz trans-Atlantic signals heard in Ireland
BBC World Service short wave listening continues to decline; more now listen on the Net
ICQ Podcast - Network radio
Starting 17 July the National Radio Centre in Bletchley Park will open 7 days a week for the holiday period
DX News from ARRL
HMS Northumberland rededicated on the Tyne
Animation showing flight paths of all aircraft taking part in RAF flypast over London
First trials of F-35B onboard HMS QE start this autumn
UK misses NATO deadline for completing defence review