18 June 2022
IARU R1 VHF-UHF-Microwave Newsletter available for free download
DX News from ARRL
Keplerian data
RSGB is looking for feedback on proposed digital modes bandplan changes
Insane 20cm aluminium-foil aerial for 10m
Commandos yomp across the Falklands on 40th anniversary
RN's latest submarine HMS Audacious completes her maiden deployment
RN Innovation & Tech Hub opened in London
6 of USN's 13 Independence class Littoral Combat Ships found to have severe structural cracks
Briefing article on RN's latest inshore survey vessel HMS Magpie
Efforts to improve RN submarines availability
View from the cockpit of military aircraft flypast for HM Queen's Jubilee

3 June 2022
SOTA on BBC Countryfile this Sunday
DX News from ARRL
RN sends Jubilee tribute to HM Queen

27 May 2022
Register now for the next FREE Online Foundation training course which starts on 5 June
DX News from ARRL
Marconi Exhibition in Chelmsford showcases early Marconi broadcasting history
RIP John Birkett, G8OPP Lincoln's parts vendor extraordinaire
Matelots get new uniform - Rig22
New monument to RN submariners unveiled at National Arboretum
HMS Defender outbound Portsmouth this morning for BALTOPS2022
Towed array sonar integrated with RN experimental autonomous submarine
Competition to build National Flagship reduced to shortlist of 2
Episode 3 of BBC series about Royal Marines available on iPlayer

20 May 2022
Celebrating HMQ Platinum Jubilee Celebrations
HMS Talent and Trenchant decommission

14 May 2022
Portuguese Naval Day contest taking place today
DX News from ARRL
HMS Collingwood exercise their freedom of the Borough of Fareham today
New in-depth look at Bofors 57mm Mk3 gun that will be fitted to Type 31s

7 May 2022
Special prefixes for Canadian amateurs to celebrate HMQ Platinum Jubilee
New memorial dedicated to HMS Sheffield
From concept to reality - next generation of naval subsea technologies
BBC 4-part series on Britain's Ocean Warriors - the Commandoes. Starts 8 May

30 April 2022
There's another free online Foundation Course starting on 1 May
Friedrichshaven is back! 45th Radio Exhibition will take place June 24 - 26
Multiband crystal set
DX News from ARRL
The next online Full licence course starts on 3 May
RSGB has announced further details of Jubilee GB70 special event stations
Britain to send ground-launched Brimstone missiles to Ukraine
Design process of the Type 26 frigates
UK to purchase at least 74 F-35 jets

22 April 2022
Video on how to pass the Full Licence/Advanced Exam
DX News from ARRL
RSGB AGM being livestreamed on Saturday 23 April
HMS Prince of Wales completes Arctic operation
Princess Royal formally dedicates restored D-Day warship
HMS Talent retired.  RN down to 5 attack subs
The most powerful combatant at sea today - Chinese Type-055 Renhai class cruiser

15 April 2022
RSGB publishes EMC video
RSGB AGM to be livestreamed
Next Free Online Foundation Course starts 17 April
DX News from ARRL
General Sir Gordon Messenger makes history as first Royal Marine in charge of Tower of London
Russian FSB agents have reportedly arrested the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Vice Admiral Igor Ossipov in connection with the “accidental fire” that sunk the cruiser RFS Moskva
Assessing the implications of the sinking of the Russian cruiser 'Moskva'
Can the UK supply anti-ship missiles to Ukraine?

9 April 2022
DX news from ARRL
Monday 18 April is World Radio Amateur Day
£250,000 worth of diesel reportedly stolen from HMNB Devonport
Upgrading the Type 45 destroyers

8 April 2022
Britian's secret Spanish-speaking radio station during the Falklands war
20th anniversary of activation of HMS Otus in Sassnitz, special call - DM3G

1 April 2022
Marine Funker Club Austria has introduced a new diploma for working OE6XMF
Maritime Radio Day is coming up on 14/15 April
The next online Foundation Course run by Essex Ham starts on 3 April
Second new £5M RN patrol boat HMS Dagger arrives in Gib
HMS Cattistock enters her 40s
The history of HMS Collingwood's amazing mace
Commandos launch raid from Astute class sub in Arctic exercise
Drone footage of HMS QE arriving in Liverpool

26 March 2022
National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park will re-open on 28 March
Ofcom release amateur radio callsign database
No defence spending increase announced
RN trials solar and wind powered drones
Sailor fined £300 for smoking on deck of HMS Diamond

19 March 2022
Ten avoidable problems which made the Royal Navy's encryption exploitable in 1939

18 March 2022
RN and partners rehearse protecting NATO's northern flank from Russian attack

11 March 2022
DX News from ARRL
RN personnel celebrate Freedom of the City of Portsmouth
HMS QE departs Portsmouth
HMS PoW departs Portsmouth
RN finds Pacific island has been in the wrong place for 85 years
The design competition for the national flagship is under way
Transporting military hardware around the world
The discovery of Shackleton's Endurance
BBC report from NATO AWACS flying over Poland and monitoring airspace over Ukraine

4 March 2022
Ukraine maintains amateur radio silence
Ukrainian Navy scuttles flagship frigate to avoid capture
RN's Fleet Diving Squadron renamed Diving & Threat Exploitation Group (DTXG)
Critical RN capabilities still 'years away'
Inside HMS QE

25 February 2022
5MHz Newsletter available for free download
TX Factor is back!
DX News from ARRL
Memorial events to mark Falklands 40th anniversary take shape
Protecting HMS Victory for the next 50 years
RN, Army & RAF deploy to bolster NATO's Eastern Front
SitRep: the naval aspects of the war in Ukraine
Two merchant ships hit by Russian missiles in the Black Sea

18 February 2022
New version (V1.5) of the syllabus has been released
The Future of the RN - interview with 1SL

16 February 2022
New ARRL world wide digital contest starts 4 June for all non-RTTY digital modes
DX News from ARRL
Suffix /70 permitted for Platinum Jubilee
New Southern Fusion Group
HMS Collingwood Open Day will be on 2 July 2022
New 4-legged barge will keep RN ships primed for action
HMS Anson has completed her first practice dive in dock
Status report on Type 45 destroyers
RN aiming to become a world leader in hypersonic weapons
Plan to rescue HMS Bronnington moves forward
New 1st Sea Lord delivers his first major speech
Considerations for the Type 83 destroyer
The making of "Warship at sea"
Project to dismantle RN nuclear subs inches forward

4 February 2022
The next Free online Foundation Course run by Essex Ham starts on 6 February
The date of this year’s Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association (NARSA) Blackpool Rally has changed. The rally will now take place on Sunday, 24 April 2022.
DX News from ARRL
Fifth and final episode of 'Warship Life at Sea’ on Channel5 Monday 7th Feb at 2100
Russian Navy adds to pressure on Ukraine and NATO
UK Fleet Commander talks about lessons learned from CSG21 deployment and forward basing of HMS Spey and Tamar
Australian Gov't report says Hunter class frigates are overweight

28 January 2022
Sailors from HMS Forth have replaced the Union Flag at historic Falklands site
The future maritime aviation force -  UK Naval Aviation in 2030
HMS Spey delivers essential water and medical supplies to tsunami-hit Tonga
HMS Dauntless is in the test and commissioning phase of her Power Improvement Programme

22 January 2022
The National Radio Centre will re-open to visitors on 31 January
Special RSL 'Q' for Jubilee celebrations but NOV will be required
Australia Day contest on 26 January
DX News from ARRL
RN's first female admiral
New book - How to Build an Aircraft Carrier
HMS Sheffield Association is fundraising to erect a memorial at the National Arboretum
HMS Bronington Preservation Trust hoping to raise £20,000

7 January 2022
DX News from ARRL
HF Receiver table of tests by Sherwood Engineering
Rear Admiral Martin Connell has been appointed Second Sea Lord
HMS Northumberland gets up close and personal with a Russian submarine
Discussion on electric warships
Learning the lessons of the loss of the Norwegian frigate Helge Ingstad
The Falklands War - 40 years on
Top video of 2021 - #CSG21
A review of the RN in 2021

27 December 2021
New series of 'Warship life at sea' starts Monday 3 January at 21.00 on Channel 5.  Filmed on board HMS Northumberland

18 December 2021
DX News from ARRL
SSTV from the International Space Station in late December
RN releases poignant film to highlight sacrifices made at Christmas time
The cost of HMS QE CSG deployment
British overseas bases in focus - Gibraltar
Progress report on the Dreadnought project
How can fewer frigates make a more effective RN fleet?

11 December 2021
DX News from ARRL
GB120MT to commemorate Marconi transatlantic signal
Videos of G-QRP Convention talks now available
HMS QE and her escorts back home after Far East deployment
RN doubles training capacity for women to push for 25% representation
The next generation of UK Maritime Air Power
RRS Sir David Attenborough arrives in the Falkland Islands

4 December 2021
Reminder: International Naval Contest will take place this year from 16.00 11-Dec-21 to 15.59 12-Dec-21
New RSGB web-based EMF calculator
UK stations can sign /2ZE 1 - 26 December to mark Transatlantic centenary
Applications for Bath online Intermediate Course close on 15 December
New time adjustment software for selected Icom rigs
DX News from ARRL
HMS Dragon commemorates WW2 Ark Royal
Seaboats without sailors - a look at the RN's autonomous RIBs
Admiral Tony Radakin has formally taken over as Chief of Defence Staff
Boarding team from Danish frigate kills 4 pirates off coast of Nigeria

27 November 2021
New 30-6,000MHz SDR TX/RX HAT for Raspberry Pi
DX News from ARRL
Latest space weather forecast from the Space Weather Woman
Marines pioneer tech, training and treatment to tackle heat illness
The race to recover the ditched F35 from the seabed

19 November 2021
Free Guide to Digital Radio
DX News from ARRL
F35 flying from HMS QE ditches
Appledore shipyard has won its first contract since it was revived
MoD trials use of drones to deliver supplies from ship to frontline
Remembering WW2 X-Craft submariners

12 November 2021
Admiral Sir Ben Key takes over as 1st Sea Lord
The options for nuclear subs for Australia
Contract awarded for Phase 1 of RN's Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme

6 November 2021
New mock exam papers available
Intermediate level distance learning course starting Jan 22 now open for applications
RSGB Convention videos published on RSGB's YouTube channel
DX News from ARRL
Video on getting started with FT8
New VP0 prefix for South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
RN rows back on plans to acquire new ship-to-ship missiles before 2030s
New £10M accommodation block at CTCRM Lympstone completed
Commando troops trial new anti-drone weapon
BBC TV report from HMS QE
Captain, XO and Chief of the Boat of USS Connecticut relieved of duty after collision with undersea mountain
Flammable cladding found on sailor accommodation blocks in HMS Nelson, Neptune and Drake
HMS Dragon will be open to the public on 12 Nov - in Gib
Summary of British Defence priorities
Photo essay of the Carrier Strike Group operating in the Pacific

29 October 2021
DX News from ARRL
Fraternal greetings to the new Greek society - Hellenic Naval Amateur Radio Club (HNARC)
International Naval Contest will take place this year from 16.00 11-Dec-21 to 15.59 12-Dec-21
A video of the AMSAT-UK Space Colloquium recent talks now available on YouTube
Solar storm forecast on latest space weather forecast
Major investment in UK's military pilot training programme
Ten RN sailors have been awarded operational honours and awards
Project underway to fit tactical data links to Wildcat helos
Simplifying the rank structure of UK Armed Forces - discussion about reducing number of ranks in the RN
Preparing for the fight - RN operational sea training

22 October 2021
WSJT-X version 2.5.1 released
IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Newsletter now available for free download
New EMF Regulation: QO-100 satellite / Microwave operation
DX News from ARRL
Register now for FREE online Foundation Course starting November 7th
RN tests new missile system for defence against small boat attacks
Sailors join HMS Glascow - first of RN's new generation warships
Second Sea Lord leads Trafalgar Day celebrations on board HMS Victory
Victorian coin found under mast of HMS Victory - after 127 years
The future of UK's F-35 force is far from settled
HMS Argyll conducts autonomous boat trials in first for RN
Batch 1 River class OPVs extended in service to 2028
Since 2014 China has launched more submarines, warships, major amphibious vessels and auxiliaries than the total number of ships serving in the navies of the UK, Germany, India, Spain and Taiwan combined
Background on the RN attack on the Bismarck
Vice Admiral Sir Ben Key promoted to Admiral and appointed 1st Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

14 October 2021
Latest space weather forecast from the Space Weather Woman
Johan (http://dregiv.blogspot.com) is restoring a Dutch hydrographic vessel and is looking for information on the PYE PM248 Swordfish II Marine HF TX/RX
RN launches missile from autonomous vessel in NATO exercise
RN sailors to get Canadian Polar training
HMS PoW helps launch national fundraising drive to help UK Veterans
Families return to HMS Raleigh for passing-out parade

8 October 2021
DX News from ARRL
New RSGB online exam booking system now available
The RN's containerised capability concept
1SL appointed Chief of Defence Stagg
Decommissioned USN aircraft carriers sold for 1c apiece
Obituary: Major General Matthew Holmes RM
Armoured stealth boat for smuggling cars into China

1 October 2021
Face to face exams will re-start on 1 November
Practical assessments in the Foundation exam have been removed permanently
DX News from ARRL
Progress report on the RN's new autonomous submarine
Launch of RN's new drone from HMS PoW
Lt Cdr Bond meets Cdr Bond

22 September 2021
Using D-Star with iOS/Android apps
Download IC-705 exterior case 3D data and create your own accessories
The next Exercise Blue Ham on 5MHz organised by RAF Air Cadets will take place on 16/17 October
New RSGB VHF/UHF Activity Award
IARU Region 1 Monitoring Service Newsletter dated August 2021 now available
DX News from ARRL
Austria and Germany have released new call books for FREE download
Work has begun on successor to Astute-class subs
RN carriers make history on simultaneous F-35B operations
RN outlines future vision
According to Reuters Australian documents showed French sub project was at risk for years
Newly formed HMS Bronington Trust formed to raise and restore the ship
USN F-35C conducts first air to air refuelling with unmanned tanker

9 September 2021
3-band vertical for portable use
DX News from ARRL
HMS Spey and HMS Tamar deploy to the Indo-Pacific region for 5 year deployment
HMS PoW sails from Portsmouth and prepares for front-line operations
RN divers pay tribute to WW2 'human minesweeper'
HMS Daring brought out of tidal basin after 4 years in preparation for tow to Cammell-Laird for engine upgrade
'Life Under the Waves' filmed onboard HMS Trenchant starts Monday 13 September at 21.00 on Channel 5

2 September 2021
New WebSDR in Iceland covering 24 - 1800 MHz
Latest edition of the 5MHz Newsletter is available for FREE download
DX News from ARRL
Statement from 1st Sea Lord on Afghanistan
Contracts awarded to 4 consortia to develop bids for Fleet Solid Support bid competition
Reflections on the Kabul Airlift

27 August 2021
The 61st (not the 60th as originally published) RNARS AGM will be held online by Zoom on 9th October 2021.
Items for inclusion on the Agenda and nominations for the Committee or other offices should be submitted to the Secretary by 13th September 2021

26 August 2021
Next FREE Online Foundation Course starts 5 September.
Farnham WebSDR to shut down
RSGB free voucher for Bletchley Park reinstated
DX News from ARRL
Commonwealth War Graves Commission takes over new British Normandy Memorial
Contenders for the RN's interim anti-ship missile
Visit of HMS QE and escorts to Busan cancelled due to covid
HMS Defender conducts first RAS with USS America
Understanding the RN's littoral response group concept

19 August 2021
DX News from ARRL
80th Anniversary of first Arctic convoy remembered in Liverpool
RN tests robot survey boat for future operations
Russian underwater spy ship observed operating close to trans-Atlantic cable
Understanding the RN's littoral response group concept
How the Lightning team UK prepared for CSG21
RN goes all in with autonomous mine warfare
Carrier Strike Group's interactions with Chinese Navy described as safe and professional
First torpedo dropped by RAF MRA1 Poseidon aircraft
RN drones/UAVs expanding their capabilities

6 August 2021
DX News from ARRL
The Perseid meteor shower has begun
Revised prediction for Solarcycle 25
ISS SSTV Aug 6-7 145.800 MHz FM
Calls made for new national flagship to be based in Portsmouth
Book review of Abandon Ship by Dr Paul Brown described as "The real story of the sinkings in the Falklands War"
Phantom warships are courting chaos in conflict zones

26 July 2021
JA1TOKYO is on the air until 5 September to commemorate the Olympic and Paralympic Games
DX News from ARRL
Morse code used by Indian Police
Free online Foundation Amateur Radio course starts on 1 August.  Register now.
RSGB releases results of Amateur Radio survey
A Beginner's Guide to Amateur Radio
Drone swarms support Commando Forces trials
HMS Shoreham’s crew become first to convert to new autonomous minehunters
HMS QE transits the Suez Canal on her way to the Far East
HMS PoW makes her first visit to Gib
Latest on RN's Maritime Electronic Warfare Programme
Video of some of the non-aviation spaces and functioning on board HMS QE
RN Frigate Programme update
Optical Dazzling Interdictor (ODIN) seen fitted to USS Stockdale
First Sea Lord has approved the following:
To recognise the unique ethos of the #SubmarineService within the @RoyalNavy , approval has been given for all qualified submariners, ratings and officers, to wear black cap covers as of today. Black covers will now be the default except for ceremonial events.
Exploring the role of the RN
Story behind design of FLYCO on QE carriers

5 July 2021
New online directory of French radio amateurs
DX News from ARRL ( 2 July 21 )
New RSGB-Ofcom EMF calculator available
BBC medium wave stations closing
Photo essay - carrier Srtrike Group on its latest mission

21 June 2021
RSGB reports that the MacMichael Rally & the Ipswich Rally have been cancelled
The National Hamfest has been postponed until 2022
The International Space Station will be transmitting SSTV on 145.8 MHz FM between 21 and 26 June
Ofcom updates EMF guidance document and calculator
DX News from ARRL for 18 June
Ofcom publish British Grand Prix frequencies
New users of SDR devices such as the RTL dongle will find the series of videos by Frugal Radio on YouTube invaluable
RN's latest OPV HMS Spey commissioned into the Fleet
HMS Scott has started her latest mission - to survey the Atlantic Ocean
HMS Richmond practises over the stern replenishment with RFA Tidespring
HMS Richmond practises over the stern replenishment with RFA Tidespring
Photo essay of HMS QE and HMS Artful
VOA TV News report from onboard HMS QE
The technologies enabling underwater naval communications
BBC News report of possible cross-channel 'flying ferry'

8 June 2021
New IARU R1 Bandplan released
National Radio Centre at Bletchley has re-opened but with access limitations
RSGB thanks its volunteers
Ofcom release database of Amateur Radio Callsigns
DX News from ARRL
First F-35 landing on HMS PoW
New National Flagship for Britain
First time an unmanned air tanker has transferred fuel to another aircraft
Explanation of UKResponseGroup
Autonomous systems - the future of RN mine warfare
Analysis of RN Frigate and destroyer availability 2015 - 2020
Photo essay of UK Carrier Strike Group
RN servicewomen can now wear their hair in a ponytail or plait whilst in working rig
RN's first female admiral

24 May 2021
DX News from ARRL
Ofcom has updated its EMF page
RSGB has also updated its EMF page
RSGB National Radio Centre will open on Friday 28 May 2021 and will be open every day except Wednesdays until further notice
The Marconi CR100 / B28
Ofcom confirm Foundation (and Intermediate) operation in UK Territorial waters
UK Carrier Strike Group sets sail after historic royal visit
HMS PoW takes first steps towards front-line operations
The story of the destruction of HMS Hood
Discussion on whether RN ships are under-gunned
BBC article on RN developing artificial intelligence for future uncrewed submarines
RN announces the names of Type 31 frigates
RN aspires to a fully uncrewed major warship within the next decade says 2nd Sea Lord

17 May 2021
IARU Region 1 Monitoring System Newsletter now available
DX News from ARRL
Fifth of Astute-class subs - HMS Anson, enters final stages of construction
Spearfish Mod 1 torpedo goes into service
RN plans to replace manned Crowsnest with drone version by 2029

10 May 2021
The next Free Foundation Online Training course starts 16 May, register now
RSGB YouTube Channel has 2 videos to help radio amateurs understand the Ofcom EMF licence changes
DX News from ARRL
First basic trainees pass out of Collingwood in 50 years
Royal Marines trial use of jet suit for boarding operations
UK Carrier Strike Group sets sail(video)

28 April 2021
Practical Wireless and Radio User are now available on Pressreader to library users
DX News from ARRL
Naval museums prepare to open after pandemic lockdown
Close-in defence for RN's aircraft carriers
HMS Tamar given dazzle paint scheme
Considerations for the RN's Type 83 anti air warfare destroyer

27 April 2021
Merlin helos arrive on HMS QE ahead of deployment
RN ships searchlight tribute to victims of Plymouth blitz
Carrier strike deployment group to visit 40 countries
Aircraft carriers, dinosaurs and Max Hastings

18 April 2021
Sailors and Marines' key role in funeral of Duke of Edinburgh
HMS Glasgow starting to take shape
HMS Affray memorial service held in Alderney
More details of UK Carrier Strike Group upcoming deployment emerge
Cats and traps - options for RN carrier launched drones
DX News from ARRL
Radio amateur on BBC Radio 4 programme - The Life Scientific at 09.00 on Tuesday 20 April

7 April 2021
World Amateur Radio Day is coming up on 18 April
RSGB Tonight at 8.0 webinar on VNAs and the NanoVNA on 12 April @ 20.00
RTÉ to cease radio transmission on DAB network
Latest edition of The 5 MHz Newsletter is now available for free download
Amateur Radio contests explained
Ham Radio Friedrichshafen cancelled
Maritime Radio Day will take place on 14-15 April
DX News from ARRL
New RSGB EMF Calculator available
New draft Amateur Radio licence from Ofcom
Dreadnought class subs to get 'Fly-by-wire' technology
EX-Navy man builds new career with Lego
New autonomous surface vessel delivered to RN
RN's new 'Eyes in the Sky' enter service
Defence Review will forge a growing navy with expanding horizons
5 ways the Russian Navy could target indersea Internet cables
Novel technologies in anti-submarine warfare
Reflections on the Defence Command Paper
HMS Trenchant pays off
TASS reports 4 hypersonic missiles fired successfully from Russian frigate

19 March 2021
RN revives days of sail with training on tall ship
RN completes workouts with Baltic Navies
HMS QE arrives on the Clyde to embark munitions
Fascinating view inside a Russian Kilo-class submarine
RN W-class submarine design
When will the RN have 24 destroyers and frigates?
RAF Air Cadets Exercise Blue Ham is this weekend
DX News from ARRL

12 March 2021
Ofcom has published new EMF guidance HERE. RSGB will continue to publish EMF advice HERE
CQ Magazine has introduced a new multi-distributed multi-operator contest
DX News from ARRL
New RSGB video series demonstrates practical skills for newly licensed amateurs
Space update from SpaceX
Help for CW beginners
Monster antenna in ZL (video)
British Pathe newsreel of BBC Monitoring Service in 1941
New callbook of amateur stations in France available for download
Tim Hunkin rides again with The Secret Life of Components
Ofcom has released a database of callsigns for UK & Crown Dependencies
Latest issue of Naval Warfare magazine now available online
RN leads Joint Expeditionary Task Force in the Baltic Sea
The threat to the world's comms backbone - the vulnerability of undersea cables
Sunday Times article suggests only 48 F-35Bs will be ordered
Are the RN's aircraft carriers too big?
An almost-complete family tree of submarine designs
Digital standards in the RN

22 February 2021
The next RSGB Webinar Tonight @ 8 will be on 1st March on Propagation Prediction Tools
Friedrichshafen Ham Radio Fair still scheduled to go ahead on 25-27 June
DX News from ARRL
Daily Mail reckons 4 oldest Type 23 frigates to be retired early as part of Defence Review
Who will be the next Chief of the Defence Staff?
Snapshot of the Ops Room on board HMS Exeter 30 years ago during the Gulf War
How the RN monitors the Russian Navy sailing close to the UK
RNAS Culdrose construction photos unearthed
Video of the AWHERO Rotary Unmanned Air System (RUAS)

14 February 2021
DX News from ARRL
US Army describes how it build a quantum radio that can receive from DC to 20GHz
The anniversary of the 'Channel Dash'
Sculptor chosen to create National Submariner Memorial
Volunteer Cadet Corps celebrate 120th anniversary this weekend
RN submarines and non-acoustic sensor technology
Daily Telegraph reports Army to lose 10,000 over the next decade (paywall)
Figurehead removed from HMS Victory in 2009 and thought to be a replica now turns out to be original
2 year delay to HMS Audacious commissioning (and also to HMS Anson) due to 'technical issue'

8 February 2021
Version 2.3.0 of WSJT-X has just been released
DX News from ARRL
An introduction to SOTA (Summits on the Air)
Spearfish - the RN's new torpedo put through final trials by HMS Talent

1 February 2021
Register now for free Foundation Online Training Course starting 7 February
Register now for free Advanced Online Training Course starting 17 February
Latest ICQ podcast
Updated RSGB-Ofcom EMF calculator
Very long special call OV0JUTLANDIA commemorating Danish Hospital ship in the Korean War
RSGB video introducing and explaining online propagation tools
There is now a 2m beacon on St Helena
Australian amateurs now keep the same call when upgrading or moving
DX News from ARRL
HMS QE assumes role as new fleet flagship
RN set to receive new autonomous minesweepers
Rare Armada maps saved for the Nation
HMS Protector back at sea after 10-month maintenance overhaul
HMS Collingwood welcomes first New Entrants in 50 years
Low budget, lightweight Puma drones now operational with RN on HMS Tamar
RN innovation and transformation

14 January 2021
Home Construction talk by Steve G0FUW & Pete N6QW now on YouTube
Listing of the available & reserved UK callsigns
New Greek award commemorating 200 years of independence
Listen to digital modes on any Android device
New WSJT mode - Q65
Offshore patrol vessel HMS Spey swaps Blue for White Ensign
RN's successful technology trials
Analysis of the National Audit Office report on MOD's Equipment Plan
Royal Marines highlights of 2020